Man Arrested for Misleading Authorities Amid Rajkot Game Zone Fire Tragedy

Pandya’s family revealed that he has a habit of ‘joking around’ and often makes false statements for amusement and he did same with Rajkot Game zone fire tragedy


RAJKOT,GUJARAT : Amid the sorrow and chaos following the devastating fire at Rajkot’s TRP Game Zone, which resulted in significant loss of life, a man has been arrested for misleading the police and authorities with false claims about missing children. The Pradyuman Nagar police have filed a complaint against 43-year-old Hitesh alias Vijay Pandya for providing false information during this tragic time.

Pandya, a resident of Rajlakshmi Society on Kothariya Road, approached the police stationed at Rajkot Civil Hospital on Tuesday, claiming that his neighbor’s child and his own nephew were missing in the aftermath of the fire. Given the magnitude of the disaster, the police initially took his report seriously. However, their suspicions were aroused due to the delayed report from a distant relative, coming three days after the incident.

During interrogation, it became evident that Pandya’s claims were fabricated. The police found no corroborating evidence to support his story. Upon further questioning, Pandya’s family revealed that he has a habit of ‘joking around’ and often makes false statements for amusement.

Police officials reported that Pandya was found loitering outside the post-mortem room at the hospital. When questioned about his presence, he falsely claimed to be searching for his missing nephew and neighbor’s child. This prompted the authorities to investigate his claims, ultimately revealing them as baseless.

The police have formally charged Pandya with misleading the police and providing false information, which exacerbated the distress of an already dire situation. “Filing a false report, especially during a crisis, diverts valuable resources and attention away from those truly in need,” stated a senior police officer from Pradyuman Nagar. “We are taking this matter seriously and will ensure appropriate legal action is taken against Mr. Pandya.”