How Akanksha Maker, Former Business Traveler India Editor, Is Redefining Luxury Lifestyle Journalism with Svasa Life

Akanksha has followed a unique and exciting route in the world of travel journalism and promotion


New Delhi : Business Traveller India, the only journal dedicated to Indian business travellers, has been in print since 1976 thanks to Akanksha Maker’s efforts. The phrase “business class,” coined by Business Traveller India and now used across the industry, originated with this newspaper.

Akanksha is taking on a new challenge in her career by becoming the Executive Editor of Svasa Life, a publication for India’s ultra-high-net-worth people. She not only curates content for India’s business community—a potential market for luxury goods—but also forms unique brand connections with other companies.

Akanksha has followed a unique and exciting route in the world of travel journalism and promotion. During her time in high school, she discovered journalism, which sparked her interest in writing. Upon graduating from the Westminster Business School in London with a BMM and an MMC, Akanksha started her career in marketing and communications with the Publicis Group.

But it was her job as Assistant Editor at Business Traveller India that really got her started in the field. Akanksha has been able to combine her passion for travel and writing/storytelling since the launch of the worldwide travel magazine in 2015. During her five years at the magazine, Akanksha visited 22 countries and met people from all walks of life, experiences that fueled her desire to tell stories through her writing.

While serving as the publication’s assistant editor, Akanksha took it to new heights and forged lasting connections with other experts in the industry. She advanced to managing editor, confirming her role as an industry trailblazer. She has made a reputation for herself as a writer, editor, and world traveller because of her multitasking skills.

Trips to Paris, Kathmandu, London, and Tokyo for business were Akanksha’s favourites since she was able to immerse herself in the local culture, attend concerts, and admire the beauty of Mount Fuji and Mount Everest. When she was a small kid, she and her family took a lot of trips, and that’s when she first developed an interest in seeing the world and writing about her experiences.

A budding micro-influencer and digital artist with a penchant for fine dining, exotic locales, and the creative arts, Akanksha is also the Executive Editor of Svasa Life. Her extensive and fascinating background in journalism and media is on full display in the engaging digital material she produces for her readers.

The career of Akanksha Maker as a writer, journalist, and current managing editor has been interesting and varied. Akanksha has established a reputation for herself in the journalistic and media industries through her experiences touring the globe, meeting new people, and sharing their tales, as well as her leadership at Svasa Life. She is certain to take Svasa Life to new heights with her plethora of experience in PR, marketing, journalism, and brand management.