Hemwant Tiwari’s Lomad film to hit the theatres on August 4

Lomad is a fascinating indie film with strong writing, direction, and acting


New Delhi : Hemwant ‘Lomad’ Tiwari is a phenomenon in the Indian theatre scene and has performed at international festivals throughout the world. Hemwant Tiwari, for those who are unaware, is the actor, writer, and director of Lomad (The Fox), which is slated to be the first black and white single-take feature film ever made to hit the theatres on August 4.

Lomad is a fascinating indie film with strong writing, direction, and acting. This highly anticipated film, written and directed by Hemwant Tiwari, will have its world premiere in theatres on August 4.

The picture has been hailed as a technical and artistic landmark in the history of cinema and has won multiple top prizes at important film festivals across the world.

The hardworking director has taken it upon himself to promote Lomad in an original and grassroots way before the film’s formal debut in theatres. He wears a fox costume and walks about with a sign in his hand, talking to strangers and spreading the word about his favourite movie.

The filmmaker’s dedication and perseverance are on full display in this guerrilla marketing campaign. He thinks that by interacting with prospective viewers, he may increase interest in Lomad by telling them about this innovative film.

The creative vision of the director propels Lomad, promising an original cinematic experience in which the viewer is immersed in real-time action as the tale develops in one continuous take.

Hemwant Tiwari’s unusual approach to advertising is aimed at luring moviegoers who value indie films and are excited to see something new in the mainstream.