Gandhinagar Collector Urges Voters: “Take Out ‘Ten Minutes for the Country’ in Lok Sabha Polls

Highlighting the countdown to the Lok Sabha General Election, Gandhinagar Collector urged citizens to dedicate "ten minutes for the country" on the polling day


GANDHINAGAR,GUJARAT : As the Lok Sabha General Election draws near, District Election Officer Mehul Dave of Gandhinagar has issued a heartfelt appeal to all voters, urging them to exercise their precious right to vote as a cornerstone of democracy. With the election slated for May 7th, Dave emphasized the importance of active participation in the democratic process and assured voters of adequate facilities and arrangements at all polling stations in Gandhinagar district.

In his plea to voters, Dave underscored the significance of voting as a fundamental duty in the world’s largest democracy. “The strength of a democratic country lies in the active participation of its citizens in the electoral process,” stated Dave. He emphasized that exercising the right to vote is not just a privilege but a moral responsibility towards the nation, essential for strengthening the democratic fabric of the country.

Highlighting the countdown to the Lok Sabha General Election, Dave urged citizens to dedicate “ten minutes for the country” on the polling day. He stressed the need for every eligible voter to cast their ballot and contribute to the celebration of true democracy.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by the scorching heat, particularly in the afternoon, Dave assured voters of various arrangements to ensure their comfort and convenience. Shade provisions, drinking water facilities, and even buttermilk have been made available at select polling stations to offer relief from the heat to voters. Additionally, special provisions such as wheelchairs, ramps, and assistance facilities are in place to assist disabled and elderly voters.

Dave emphasized the flexibility of voting hours, with polling stations open from 7 am to 6 pm. He encouraged voters to plan their voting time, suggesting an early start in the morning to avoid the peak heat hours. “It is essential for voters to adjust their voting time to ensure their well-being and safety,” Dave emphasized.

The District Election Officer’s appeal comes amidst a concerted effort to ensure a smooth and inclusive electoral process in Gandhinagar district. With meticulous planning and preparations, authorities aim to facilitate seamless voting experiences for all citizens while upholding the integrity and fairness of the electoral process.