Surat : Congress Leader Nilesh Kumbhani Vanishes Again Amid Speculation of BJP Affiliation

The saga began when Nilesh Kumbhani went missing on April 26th, following the unopposed election of BJP's Mukesh Dalal for the Surat seat.


SURAT, GUJARAT : Congress leader and former Lok Sabha candidate for Surat, Nilesh Kumbhani, has once again disappeared from public view, sparking speculation about his political allegiances. Kumbhani, who had earlier announced plans to hold a press conference on May 2nd, citing ill health as the reason for his sudden disappearance, has raised eyebrows with his repeated vanishing acts.

Kumbhani’s latest disappearance comes amidst swirling rumors suggesting that he may be preparing to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a move that has been met with skepticism and criticism from within his own party ranks.

The saga began when Kumbhani went missing on April 26th, following the unopposed election of BJP’s Mukesh Dalal for the Surat seat. Amidst allegations of colluding with the BJP and anti-party activities, Kumbhani faced suspension from the Congress for six years.

During his initial disappearance, Kumbhani resurfaced briefly in a video, claiming that he had remained in contact with party members and had not absconded. However, his explanations failed to quell the growing discontent within the Congress and AAP cadres, who viewed his actions with suspicion.

In response to escalating tensions and concerns for Kumbhani’s safety, police personnel were deployed outside his residence in Surat’s Sarthana area to prevent any potential unrest or untoward incidents.

Despite his return home on the night of May 1st, accompanied by a police protection team, Kumbhani’s plans to address the media on May 2nd were abruptly cancelled, citing health concerns. His sudden disappearance once again has fueled speculation about his intentions and political future.

The uncertainty surrounding Kumbhani’s actions has left many questioning his credibility and commitment to the Congress party. With rumors of a possible defection to the BJP gaining traction, Kumbhani’s repeated disappearances have further deepened the divisions within the political landscape of Surat.

As the political drama unfolds, all eyes are on Nilesh Kumbhani, whose actions in the coming days could have far-reaching implications for both the Congress party and the broader political dynamics of Gujarat.