Foodpreneur Gaurav Gite releases his book ‘Mom-made with love’

The Recipes for Success in Life, Business, and Entrepreneurship


Pune : The first things that come to mind when you think about management and motivation are probably business jargon, pie charts, graphs, figures, and statistics, not to mention inspiring lectures from coaches who seem to know it all.

What if I told you that the bedrock of your success in life, business, and entrepreneurship may be found in your own family? Simple, straightforward, and universally applicable life lessons!

Because of this, a book was written entitled Mom-Made with Love. The Recipes for Success in Life, Business, and Entrepreneurship. It’s a management cum motivational book with a twist, one that honours the wisdom we absorb from our first friend and primary mentor: mum.

It was created by award-winning Foodpreneur Gaurav Gite, who also founded the multi-city Quick Service Restaurant Lebanese/Indian chain Marrakesh, and journalist and writer Kalyani Sardesai, who served as the narrative partner.

By contrasting each life lesson with illuminating business case studies and research, the author makes a compelling case that most lessons worth remembering are learned at our mothers’ knees in a straightforward and understandable manner.

We leave it up to you to decide if this is a “back to basics” book or a “road map for the way forward,” as Gaurav Gite puts it. So let’s hope that every young kid who has ambitions and aspirations reads it.

Mumma: The World’s Finest Manager

Mom-Made is not just a tribute to Gaurav’s own mother, who gave him her life’s savings and full trust to launch his brand, but also a subtle reminder to all of us of how much we owe our mothers.

One who not only provides us with life but also instructs us on how to live it. Since, in reality, managing a household (and frequently a profession!) on a shoestring budget and a growing list of responsibilities is a herculean task, we should give mom more credit for the lessons she has to teach us about life, love, hospitality, relationships, time, and resource management.

I’m willing to bet that most people would agree that their moms gave them the best counsel of everyone they ever met. But, we ignore Mumma since she doesn’t speak in jargon or wear a fancy suit. As Gaurav Gite admits, “if I had listened to her first, things would have gone much more smoothly on my personal journey.”

Hence, this book. A tribute, a love letter and a long overdue apology to the wonder

woman that is Mumma Gaurav and everyone else’s too!

“The narration is deliberately fuss-free to emphasise how time-honoured simplicity is the answer to the chaos and complexities of our work and life, yes even in the era of Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse and Global challenges,” says Sardesai. “Each chapter is initially written in the first person weaving in Gaurav’s interactions with his own mother–and then moves on to instances from the world of hospitality, entrepreneurship, and service. From budding entrepreneurs to mid-career professionals to addressing relationship management, this is a book with a little takeaway for every reader.”

Since this is the land of Adishakti, the Author’s note begins with a short note on her and then moves on to modern-day mothers who manage home, work and multiple roles with grace and efficiency. Frankly, no advisory house or entrepreneur can boast of a single hack that does not trace its origins back to lessons imbibed in childhood from their mom.

Life lessons from mom

The contents of the book include 21 life and management lessons from mom juxtaposed with successful business case studies and nuggets of research pertaining to that particular topic. So, from timeliness and patience to relationship management, banishing fear and the importance of consistency, the book showcases how the earliest lessons we learn from mumma are the cornerstone of successful business practices. In short, her lessons are not just sentimental and old-fashioned but the foundation of all practical good sense in business and enterprise.

In keeping with the spirit of the book, the proceeds are pledged to charity.

Also, in the book: roll call of famous celebrities and their moms.

As page-breakers, different celebrities from different walks of life have been asked a simple question: What are the lessons you learnt from your mother? In some cases, celebrity mothers have spelt out the lessons they have taught their kids.

Some of the names in the book include musical vocalist and composer Kailash Kher, Jaydeep Burman (founder of Rebel Foods), Ajay Menon (MD, Motilal Oswal), war hero Maj General Ian Cardozo, musician and film-makerAvadhoot Gupte, choreographer Sandeep Soparrkar, eco-warrior and industrialist Anand Chordia, Shantiswaroop Bhatnagar awardee and neuroscientist Shubha Tole, UAE based billionaire Dhananjay Datar, celebrated entrepreneur Yatin Shah (founder of the world’s largest camshaft manufacturing unit), Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna, chef Reetu Uday Kugaji, musician Raghav Sachar, actors Adil Hussain and Shruti Marathe, writer-translator-compere ManjiriDhamankar, Sumantai Kirloskar, the matriarch from the House of Kirloskars, sportsman Dhanraj Pillay, Olympic judge and entrepreneur ArnavazDamania and more.

About the authors

Foodpreneur Gaurav Gite is among the first to educate desi palates on the infinite possibilities of stylish shawarma and Lebanese cuisine under his flagship brand Marakkesh. Decorated with several awards, including the Maharashtra Young Achievers Award 2018  (Rising foodpreneur) and The Times Food & Nightlife Award 2019, Gaurav has a singular belief in the power of terrific food served with passion.

Kalyani Sardesai is a Pune-based journalist, author, and corporate trainer.

Mom-Made with Love is available on Amazon at Rs 595 and also on Kindle. But there’s an early bird discount for this week – Rs.495 and on Kindle Rs.99.