EDG Cornerstone leads OMGSM service framework in India

The three growth engines that drive EDG's operations are EDG Global Business Services (Implementation Engine), EDG Global Institute (People Transformation Engine), and EDG Cornerstone (Innovation Engine).


Bengaluru: With its innovative OMGSM (Organise, Manage, and Govern) structure for client engagement, EDG Cornerstone—a frontrunner in the fields of management consulting, technology services, and people transformation—has garnered all the acclaim it deserves. The aim of EDG Cornerstone is summarised by the E-D-G concept, which stands for “[E]xperience-In-A-Classroom,” “[D]eliver-To-Promise,” and “[G]o-With-You-To-Market.” A new age of revolutionary influence on people, companies, and universities has begun with this strategy, which has effectively reimagined conventional consulting.

The three growth engines that drive EDG’s operations are EDG Global Business Services (Implementation Engine), EDG Global Institute (People Transformation Engine), and EDG Cornerstone (Innovation Engine). The areas of expertise include training, enterprise IT installation and support, innovation, improvement, strategy consulting, and CIO and operations advisory services. The firm has a presence in India, Malaysia, Singapore, North America, the UK, and the Middle East, and it services a varied variety of sectors, including public sector, energy, utilities, media, entertainment, retail, consumer goods, telecom, media, manufacturing, life sciences, and telecom.

“[E]xperience-In-A-Classroom” is a commitment to providing immersive and interactive educational experiences. EDG believes in bridging the gap between knowledge and practice, empowering individuals (How To Guidance), businesses (Talent to Value), and academia (Guru-Grad interface) to thrive in our ever-changing world. EDG Global Institute, the People Transformation engine, is revolutionizing education, offering over 50+ programs delivered by practitioners from esteemed institutions such as IIT, IIM, FMS, and NIFT. Training Program attendees don’t just “Learn To” but also “How To”, carrying ready-to-use tools, methods, and templates as key takeaways.

EDG Global Business Services, the Implementation engine, brings the customer engagement ethos in “[D]eliver-To-Promise.” This principle underscores the company’s commitment to deliver on time and budget, with quality. EDG’s metric-driven approach ensures that promises are not just words but are upheld through action. With a proven track record in managing multi-site/country projects, EDG has become a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

In an ever-evolving IT industry where companies (and customers) find themselves continuously in the cycle of research, design, prototype, solution-to-sell, solution-to-deliver, migrate, upgrade, and retire, EDG Cornerstone stands out as a proven expert partner in “[G]o-With-You-To-Market.” Walking the corridors, articulating your value proposition, navigating the complex global markets, and connecting the dots in pre-sales and sales with and for your business acquisition teams.

EDG Cornerstone is perhaps the first Indian company to have implemented a 4-day work week for all its employees. One of the very few consulting organizations to carry a “Pay If You Like It” clause in its customer contracts.  This OMGSM engagement framework makes EDG uniquely positioned to shape a brighter tomorrow for individuals, businesses, and academia alike in the Experience Economy.

For more information, please visit: www.edgcornerstone.com