Delhi pythian games to kick start from February 11

Honourable Speaker of Delhi Vidhan Sabha Ram Niwas Goel will inaugurate the event


New Delhi (India) : The Delhi Pythian Council has announced the launch of Delhi Pythian games at Vidhan Sabha, Delhi at 3.30 pm on February 11.

Honourable Speaker of Delhi Vidhan Sabha Ram Niwas Goel will inaugurate the event. The council will unveil its Executive Board for the smooth governance of Modern Pythian games in Delhi. It is a great approach and invites people to witness the celebration of this amazing launch.

Games that incorporate elements of art, culture, tradition, adventure, entertainment, games, e-sports, air sports, and martial arts will find an ideal home on this site, which is part of a larger effort to transform a global movement. Sh Bijender Goel created the Modern Pythian Games and is currently establishing the framework for the games at the global, national, and state levels. To promote world peace and unity through the arts and culture, the Pythian Games serve as a stage for artisans, tourists, and athletes alike.

The event will be filled with many esteemed government dignitaries and senior bureaucrats and will showcase the extraordinary performances by Kavi Anil Agravanshi (Poet), Mr. Mohan Muntazir (Shayar), and Mr. Satish Pathak (Flute player) to grace this special day and offer the visitors an opportunity to observe the incredible fusion of art and culture.

IRS Sahil Seth, President of Pythian Games, Delhi quoted, “The Pythian games bring back the best way to revive the dying traditional art and bring forward the talent of artists of India over a global platform. India is always known for its art and culture; promoting the same, the launch of the Delhi Pythian Council will present scintillating performances from the artists of our country to encourage the art and to grace the amazing beginning of Pythian games.”

The Modern Pythian game is a part of four Panhellenic games in Delphi that aims to express the unique sense of national honor by presenting, performing, and exhibiting multicultural artists to represent and promote art in front of the world. Just like the Olympics is based on sports; Modern Pythian is completely based on arts and culture that includes ‘musical, vocal and instrumental arts’, ‘performing and theatre arts’, ‘visual, heritage and artisan arts’, ‘martial, entertainment and traditional arts’, ‘robotic, virtual and digital arts’, ‘language, literary and oratory arts’, ‘social and cultural arts’, and ‘architectonics and eco arts.