Daman Administrator Praful Patel will be kicked out in two minutes: Rahul Gandhi

Congress will make sure that Praful Patel is held accountable and faces an inquiry," announced Gandhi, speaking to a crowd that had gathered in support of Congress; Daman candidate Ketan Patel


Daman : During a passionate address to a large crowd in the union territory of Daman, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi strongly criticised Praful Patel, the administrator of Dadra and Nagar Haveli (DNH), Daman, and Diu. Gandhi expressed his determination to take swift action once the Congress party assumes power at the Centre. Highlighting concerns of alleged corruption and authoritarianism, Gandhi confidently stated that Patel’s removal from his position would be quick once the Congress government is formed.

“Congress will make sure that Praful Patel is held accountable and faces an inquiry,” announced Gandhi, speaking to a crowd that had gathered in support of Congress candidate Ketan Patel. Accusing Patel of mismanagement resulting in job losses and a climate of fear in the union territory, Gandhi passionately addressed the crowd, calling on them to unite in ousting Patel from his position.

In addition, Gandhi criticised the political environment by focusing on Jay Shah, Amit Shah’s son. He claimed that Jay Shah had received unfair advantages and unfavourably compared him to the renowned cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. “Amit Shah’s son is quite an interesting individual, as he has never pursued cricket and yet holds a position that is typically associated with someone like Tendulkar,” remarked Gandhi.

Comparing historical monarchy to current governance, Gandhi portrays Patel as a contemporary ruler, appointed from Delhi, who allegedly abuses power, leading to the mistreatment of the people and the destruction of homes.

Expanding his criticism to the national level, Gandhi accused the Modi government of strengthening its authority, exerting control over important institutions such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Enforcement Directorate (ED), and the judiciary. He expressed concern about the influence of certain organisations on educational institutions, specifically mentioning their presence in universities.

Gandhi expressed concerns about the potential for corporate dominance in the future, envisioning a scenario where landmarks in Daman could be named after major corporate figures such as Adani and Ambani. With a focus on uplifting the economically disenfranchised, Gandhi outlined Congress’ pledge to deposit a substantial amount in the bank accounts of women. Monthly installments will be provided to support their financial well-being.

“PM Modi has allegedly contributed to the wealth of certain individuals, while our goal is to uplift the impoverished and help them become millionaires,” Gandhi proclaimed, garnering support for Congress’ vision of comprehensive economic growth.