CLEAR Premium Water is the best friend of Hrithik Roshan

CLEAR Premium Water is superstar and Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan’s “clear” choice


Ahmedabad: The newest ad campaign starring Hrithik Roshan was published by CLEAR Premium Water, a premium bottled water brand that focuses on quality and value. Roshan was pulled in as the brand ambassador for CLEAR last year.

His recent marketing slogan, “CLEAR rehne mein samajhdaari hai (It is wise to stay clear),” echoes the brilliant idea of the CLEAR premium bottled water brand, and Hrithik Roshan highlights the smart decision of consumers who patronise the company.

The Bollywood celebrity has been an important ally for CLEAR Premium Water, which has positioned itself as the go-to option for discriminating customers in an industry where quality and safety take primacy.

“As the ambassador of CLEAR, Hrithik Roshan not only instills tremendous trust in the brand but also within the community,” said Nayan Shah, Founder and Managing Director of CLEAR Premium Water. The latest reveal highlights his support and further emphasises CLEAR’s commitment to providing high-quality bottled water with an emphasis on service.

More than simply a marketing ploy, this partnership represents a shared dedication to fostering a healthy lifestyle via the promotion of sustainable practices, the protection of natural resources, and the provision of clean water for everyone.

We are looking forward to the tagline release and the huge effect it is going to have.

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