Gujarat Police Chief Reveals on Four Suspected ISIS Terrorists arrested from Ahmedabad Airport

The arrest of ISIS terrorists marks a significant breakthrough in the fight against terrorism, with Gujarat police uncovering critical details during interrogation


AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT : In a major anti-terror operation, the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has arrested four suspected ISIS terrorists at Ahmedabad Airport. Originally from Sri Lanka, these individuals were allegedly operating under orders from a Pakistani handler. The arrest marks a significant breakthrough in the fight against terrorism, with police uncovering critical details during interrogation.

In a meticulously executed operation, the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) apprehended four suspected ISIS terrorists at Ahmedabad Airport. The suspects, all Sri Lankan nationals, were intercepted based on a specific tip-off, leading to their immediate detention and subsequent interrogation.

Gujarat Police Chief Vikas Sahay held a press conference to disclose the details of the operation. “Gujarat ATS arrested four suspected terrorists from Ahmedabad airport based on a tip-off. They were taken to the ATS office for questioning,” said Sahay. “None of the suspects knew English, Hindi, or Gujarati, only Tamil. We brought in a Tamil language expert for the interrogation.”

The detainees were identified as Mohammad Nusrat (33 years), Mohammad Faris (35 years), Mohammad Nufran (27 years), and Mohammad Razdeen (43 years). According to Sahay, “All four hail from Sri Lanka and are active members of the banned terrorist organization IS.”

During the interrogation, the police recovered significant evidence, including passports, two mobile phones, suitcases, and an ISIS flag. The suspects were in contact with a Pakistani handler named Abu, originally from Sri Lanka, who has been residing in Pakistan. “In February 2024, all four were in contact with Abu through online platforms and ProtonMail,” Sahay revealed. “They had fully embraced the ideology of ISIS. Abu encouraged them to commit terrorist acts in India, to which they agreed. Some were even ready to become suicide bombers.”

Sahay further detailed the financial support received by the suspects. “Abu provided them with four lakh rupees in Sri Lanka to carry out terrorist activities,” he stated.

The contents of the suspects’ mobile phones provided crucial insights. “Two mobile phones were recovered, containing various photographs and videos proving their active membership in ISIS and belief in its ideology,” said Sahay. “Deep investigation of the mobile phones revealed numerous photos and locations, including a specific site on Himmatnagar Road in Nanachiloda.”

The ATS team quickly acted on this information, leading them to a stash of weapons. “According to the photos found on their mobile phones, we discovered three pistols at the specified location, each bearing a Pakistani insignia and the inscription ‘SATA,’ confirming their Pakistani origin. Additionally, 20 cartridges were recovered, with the pistols already loaded,” Sahay added.

An ISIS flag was also found in the possession of the suspects. “When asked about the flag, they admitted it was part of their orders to carry it with them to the site of the intended terrorist act,” Sahay noted.