Gujarat ATS Arrests Four Suspected ISIS Terrorists from Ahmedabad Airport

Gujarat ATS authorities are particularly concerned about the terrorists' potential motives and their exact purpose behind their arrival at Ahmedabad airport


AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT : The Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) has apprehended four suspected ISIS terrorists at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad.  According to officials, the individuals, believed to be Sri Lankan nationals, arrived via Chennai and were awaiting further instructions. This arrest comes amidst heightened security concerns as Ahmedabad gears up to host upcoming IPL matches.

“We have taken the apprehended individuals to an undisclosed location for intensive interrogation,” said a Gujarat ATS officer. “Their connections are being thoroughly investigated to determine if they constitute a sleeper cell.”

Authorities are particularly concerned about the terrorists’ potential motives. “We are trying to ascertain the exact purpose behind their arrival at Ahmedabad airport,” the spokesperson added. “Their affiliation with ISIS and their suspected Pakistani handler raise serious red flags.”

This development follows the arrest of suspected ISIS operatives in Porbandar last year, which led to the dismantling of an India-based IS module. Sources within the Ahmedabad Police believe these latest suspects were sent from Sri Lanka with the intention of carrying out a major attack.

“A preliminary investigation reveals they reached Ahmedabad via Chennai,” a police source confirmed. “Thankfully, the Gujarat ATS apprehended them before they could reach their intended target or receive their weapons, which were supposedly to be delivered separately.”

The arrest comes at a sensitive time for Gujarat, as Surat police continue their investigation into the Maulvi Sohail Abubakar case. While no suspicious objects were found previously, the ATS’s latest apprehension has prompted heightened security measures across the state.

The action by the Gujarat ATS has potentially thwarted a major terrorist attack.  Further investigations will hopefully reveal the extent of the plot and any potential accomplices.