Boney Kapoor Releases Krishna Gautam’s Heartfelt “Baddua”

Producer extraordinaire Boney Kapoor and actor par excellence Darshan Kumar were the honoured guests of honour at the song's premiere.


New Delhi :  Music lovers and business insiders alike congregated on August 2 to celebrate the official release of “Baddua.” The debut of this deeply moving musical masterwork was celebrated with a glittering, star-studded extravaganza. “Baddua – A heartbreak song of the Year” struck a chord because it conveyed the anguish and raw sorrow of a broken heart. Talented singer and composer Amit Sawant’s soulful voice, along with the heartrending lyrics written by Pawan Mishra, made for an entrancing musical experience that touched listeners deeply. The song’s poignant remembrance of lost love and the heartbreak it causes has made it a fast favourite among listeners.

Producer extraordinaire Boney Kapoor and actor par excellence Darshan Kumar were the honoured guests of honour at the song’s premiere. Producer Boney Kapoor, who has made significant contributions to the film business, praised Krishna Gautam’s directing abilities, calling the music video “brilliant.” He wished Krishna Gautam success, praising her talent and expressing confidence in her ability to make it big in the entertainment industry.

Krishna Gautam, a first-time producer, spoke at the event, reflecting on her experiences and offering her thanks for the lessons she learned while working on “Baddua.” She stressed the need of investing in quality manufacturing and using qualified professionals to achieve a smooth and polished final result. Krishna’s enthusiasm and hard work in realising “Baddua” shone through as she offered production tips and insights to budding filmmakers.

A song to be treasured for its deep emotions and musical beauty, “Baddua” has already earned substantial attention and admiration from listeners. Amit Sawant’s heartfelt vocals, Pawan Mishra’s moving lyrics, and Krishna Gautam’s masterful directing come together to create a memorable song that will stay with listeners for years to come.

The team at XYZ Music is pleased to share their creation, “Baddua,” with the world. “Baddua” will win over viewers all around the globe because to the team’s dedication to producing high-quality work. Fans of Krishna Gautam’s work in the entertainment sector look forward with great anticipation to her future musical and cinematic endeavours, where her commitment and skill are sure to shine even brighter.