Ahmedabad Medical association and Restoknee  organises a scientific program on Knee Restoration Surgery

Knee restoration surgery-Restoknee requires no implants or opening of the joints and has been performed in Ahmedabad for the last 40 years.


Ahmedabad : The Ahmedabad Medical Association (AMA) and Restoknee hospital hosted a scientific programme on “Knee restoration surgery without an implants-an established method for the treatment of Osteoarthritis” on Sunday.

Knee replacements are increasingly common, especially among the elderly. However, in Ahmedabad, an increasing number of people are choosing knee restoration surgery instead, which does not involve implants or the opening of the joints, and thus carries almost no risk of infection. Full ‘range of motion,’ achieved painlessly without implants, is another advantage of this surgery, especially for those under the age of 55 and for athletes.

“The trend in medicine is toward’reversal & restorative’ approaches, whether dealing with diabetes or cancer. The surgical process at Restoknee-knee restoration is consistent with this idea. Why get a new knee when you can get your old one fixed? Using the same tried-and-true principles as close-wedge high tibial osteotomy, this procedure realigns the knee without the use of implants and has a long track record of success. Both national and international orthopaedic journals have acknowledged this highly individualised surgical procedure. The surgery has been performed successfully at Restoknee Hospital for over 40 years, according to Medical Director Dr. Neeraja Oza.

Medical professionals were made aware of recent developments in knee restoration surgery at an educational programme held at the Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall and presented by leading experts in the field.

Senior orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Jawahar Jethva gave a brief introduction to knee restoration surgery at the event, noting that knee restoration surgery was pioneered by the Late Dr. Sharad Oza in Ahmedabad.

Dr Jaimin Trivedi, Associate Professor at the University of Louisville, Founder & Chief Data Scientist at US-based Curis Data Science, which creates 3D reconstruction of patients’ knee joints for pre-operative surgical planning and patient education, also spoke at the programme.

Gunjan Patel, an IITian & scientist, Biomechanics expert and Founder of Synersense, addressed the audience on pre-operative planning. Senior orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jagdish Patwa shed light on Restoknee surgical procedure, while physiotherapist Dr Savan Patel spoke about the role of physiotherapy in Restoknee surgery.Dr.Jay, the Radiologist, highlighted that ‘cartilage regeneration’ after this surgery seen in patients is what makes this surgery unique.

“Restoknee surgery is a well-established surgical procedure now, and thousands of patients from Ahmedabad and across the globe have undergone it over the last 40 years. The surgery is strengthened by innovative medical technologies such as high-resolution CT scans, 3D bone reconstruction technology, advanced MRI technology, Gait analysis and customised braces that help in accurate surgical planning. The customised braces are our unique product for which we have applied for a patent,” said Hem Oza, Managing Director of Restoknee Hospital.

After undergoing this knee restoration surgery, the patient is back on his feet immediately and can return to his normal lifestyle in just a few days. The patient can easily sit cross-legged on the floor, do yoga, gym, engage in sports and even run marathons.