A US-based tech startup announced the launch of LIVEY for users worldwide

LIVEY branded Smart Communication Headsets & Speakerphones for Contact Centers, Enterprises, and Home Office users!


New Delhi (India): This US-based tech start-up announces the global launch of LIVEY branded Smart Communication Headsets & Speakerphones for Contact Centers, Enterprises, and Home Office users!

Livey Technologies, based in Delaware, aims to focus on product solutions that will help to improve the lives of their customers, allowing them to find better ways to work and collaborate in this hybrid world.

The global communication headsets market is expanding rapidly. According to research, the global communication headsets industry will be worth $13.7 billion by 2025. The increasing demand for wireless headsets and speakerphones, the deployment of 5G networks, and the rising use of video conferencing among businesses worldwide to facilitate remote work and reduce travel costs are driving growth. Furthermore, wireless headsets are becoming increasingly popular for gaming and digital learning.

With its mastery of electroacoustic, LIVEY has worked to raise the bar for communication technologies. The Company’s in-house product design team aims to usher in a new era of “Quality, functionality, and affordability” product solutions, as well as to be the best in industrial cosmetics and engineering mechanics. Over the last two years since its inception, the company has established a local presence in the Asia Pacific region and plans to launch in additional markets in 2023. This long-standing tradition of producing high-quality products is evident in their new line of headsets and hands-free units.

Livey is supported by a strong team of reputable members with strong expertise in electroacoustics, as well as those who built an international reputation in developing award-winning products through legacy brands such as Plantronics (Poly).

“At LIVEY, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most innovative communication technology solutions available on the market. This global launch demonstrates our commitment to developing powerful, affordable, and simple-to-use products and services that make workforce collaboration a breeze,” said Sharad Jaiprakash, Co-founder. “With our innovative headset solutions and unrivalled quality, we at Livey are all set to compete with the legacy audio brands,” he added.

Livey’s new corded and wireless headsets are built with AI Noise Cancelling technologies and highly reliable hardware to provide maximum durability and comfort. A new line of gaming headsets is also set to debut in the first quarter of 2023.

Livey headsets are currently available through its distribution partners in the United States, India, the Philippines, and Latin America.