Yatin Sangoi, a Bollywood singer, is always trying new things

Yatin has carved out a special niche for himself in the music industry


Mumbai (Maharashtra): Being stuck in the same place for an extended period is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Yatin Sangoi, a well-known Bollywood singer who has been performing professionally for over three decades, is a firm believer in always trying something new.

Yatin has carved out a special niche for himself in the music industry over the years, lending his voice to many top hits. Yatin, a software engineer by trade, rose to prominence after winning the popular reality singing competition Star Yaar Kalakaar. He won the Antakshari show, hosted by actor Anu Kapoor, and was a Saregama finalist and Bollywood Ka Boss runner-up.

“Doing the same thing, again and again, makes you better at it, but it also means that you are limiting yourself to it. Singing has been a lifelong passion of mine, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue it professionally. But, even in my singing, I’ve always tried to do something new and different rather than the same thing over and over. “Performing in various reality singing shows and singing songs from various genres has helped me test my creative limits and expand my repertoire,” said Yatin, who was born and raised in Mumbai.

He is the creator of the most viral Gujarati video, Gujarati Spiderman Veer Karolio Jalawalo, as well as the founder of India’s first iPad band.

Yatin has also broadened his creative horizons beyond music and singing. He is the founder of U-Turn and the inspiration behind the What The Fart competition, the world’s first of its kind, which was held in Surat just before the Covid pandemic. He has also contributed to social causes, particularly raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and how plastic consumption can be reduced by using environmentally friendly alternatives.