Surat RPF solves more 139 helpline complaints than criminal cases

RPF helpline number 139 has literally become a source of consternation for personnel


Surat : The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is always on the move for the wrong reasons: passengers forget mobile chargers, baggage, shoes, wallets, wrist watches, and other belongings at the Surat Railway station.

RPF helpline number 139 has literally become a source of consternation for personnel. Passengers on trains to and from Surat railway station file an average of 150 complaints per month. The majority of complaints are about missing items such as mobile chargers, phones, wallets, wrist watches, and so on, with only a few being about thefts.

A passenger in the Karnavati Express train called the RPF helpline 139 from Vadodara and said he forgot his mobile charger on seat number 38. The charger was discovered after RPF personnel searched the location mentioned in the complaint. The passenger travelled to Surat railway station to pick up his charger from Vadodara.

Similarly, a passenger on the Intercity Express train forgot his newly purchased Reebok brand shoes. He dialled the helpline number and requested that RPF personnel search the shoes that had been removed from the compartment.

According to sources, people are abusing the helpline set up by the Indian Railways to resolve issues and track down valuable goods left in the boogies. Due to the high volume of complaints on the 139 helpline number, RPF personnel are unable to work on other important complaints.