Surat : Bus Doors Malfunction in Adajan, Passengers Forced to Exit Through Driver’s Cabin

The situation left passengers, including women and elderly individuals, with a "harrowing experience," as they were forced to exit through the narrow driver's cabin in Surat


Surat (Gujarat): Residents of Adajan witnessed a bizarre sight as passengers on a Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) city bus disembarked from the driver’s cabin instead of the designated doors. The incident, which occurred at Rushabh Char Rasta, left passengers shaken and raised concerns about the safety of SMC’s public transportation system.

According to eyewitnesses, the automatic doors of the bus malfunctioned, refusing to open despite the driver’s attempts. “The driver tried everything, but the doors were completely jammed,” said Nilesh Patel, a passenger on the bus. “There was no choice but to use the driver’s cabin door.”

The situation left passengers, including women and elderly individuals, with a “harrowing experience,” as they were forced to exit through the narrow driver’s cabin. Onlookers expressed a mix of surprise and amusement at the sight, but the incident highlighted a serious safety concern.

“This raises a big question mark about passenger safety,” stated Savita Phule, another passenger. “What if there was an emergency, like a fire? It could have been a disaster.”

The incident has sparked outrage among Surat residents, who are demanding accountability from the SMC and the contractor responsible for operating the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service.

“The authorities need to take immediate action,” said Nishit Modi, a local resident. “All buses should be thoroughly inspected to ensure they are in proper working condition. Passenger safety cannot be compromised.”

Concerns Over Emergency Preparedness:

The incident underscores the lack of preparedness for emergency situations on SMC buses. With all passengers exiting through a single, narrow doorway, a scenario like a fire could have resulted in chaos and potential injuries.

“There should be clear emergency protocols in place,” stated a rights group activist. “Passengers need to be aware of these protocols and what to do in case of malfunctioning doors or other emergencies.”

As of this report, the SMC has not issued a statement regarding the incident. However, with public pressure mounting, the corporation is expected to address the concerns raised by passengers and residents.

This incident serves as a wake-up call for the SMC and the BRT contractor. Stringent safety measures and regular maintenance checks are crucial to ensure the safety of passengers who rely on public transportation in Surat.