Surat Airport’s Security Lapses Exposed: Gold Smuggling Cases on the Rise

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence's (DRI) Surat Zonal unit uncovered two cases of gold smuggling, amounting to a total of 1100 grams and valued at Rs 67.45 lakh


Surat : Surat Airport, once again, finds itself at the center of scrutiny as cases of gold smuggling continue to soar, raising serious concerns over the effectiveness of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel and customs officials stationed at the airport.

In a recent incident, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence’s (DRI) Surat Zonal unit uncovered two cases of gold smuggling, amounting to a total of 1100 grams and valued at Rs 67.45 lakh. The incident highlights the glaring security lapses at Surat Airport.

According to the details of the case, the smugglers arrived at Surat Airport on June 23, 2023, via flight IX172 from Sharjah. The DRI’s investigation revealed that one passenger had concealed three capsules of gold paste within his body, while another passenger had gold paste hidden in jeans and underwear. The total seizure amounted to 1100.69 grams of gold bars extracted from the gold paste. One passenger was found carrying 863.170 grams of gold paste, while the other had 266.740 grams.

This incident not only raises questions about the vigilance of the CISF personnel and customs officials but also exposes the vulnerability of Surat Airport to illegal activities. The smuggling of valuable goods such as gold undermines national security and poses a threat to the economic stability of the country. It is imperative for airport security personnel to maintain a high level of professionalism and efficiency to prevent such incidents.

The DRI, responsible for investigating cases of smuggling and enforcing customs laws, has initiated further investigations into the matter. The authorities are determined to uncover the networks behind these smuggling operations and bring the culprits to justice. The cooperation between law enforcement agencies and intelligence units will play a crucial role in combating this illegal trade and safeguarding the country’s interests.

The increasing frequency of gold smuggling cases at Surat Airport necessitates a comprehensive review of security protocols and the deployment of advanced technologies to enhance detection capabilities. It is crucial for the CISF personnel and customs officials to undergo regular training and remain updated on the latest smuggling techniques to effectively identify and apprehend smugglers.

The smuggling of gold not only leads to revenue losses but also impacts the nation’s economy by fueling illegal trade networks and organized crime. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the authorities work tirelessly to strengthen the security infrastructure at Surat Airport, leaving no room for any criminal activity.

The recent gold smuggling cases serve as a wake-up call for the concerned authorities to take immediate action and rectify the existing security shortcomings at Surat Airport. By fortifying security measures, enhancing coordination among agencies, and adopting advanced technologies, the authorities can effectively combat smuggling activities and ensure the integrity and safety of Surat’s aviation sector.