South Indian film industry favours Mumbai’s Prachi Sharma

Tollywood debut in the soon-to-be-released film Zilla Parishad Utna Patashala


Mumbai : Heroines from Mumbai have been successful in the South Indian film industry before, but only a select handful have really broken through. Prachi Sharma, another Mumbai native with movie star potential, just made her Tollywood debut in the soon-to-be-released film Zilla Parishad Utna Patashala and has since made the jump to the Kannada film industry with the movie Redrum. Prachi claims that she has already completed production on her first Kannada film, “Redrum,” received positive feedback from her peers, and has signed up for a second film, “, Swati Nakshatra,” set to begin filming in July 2023.

Prachi is thrilled by the opportunity to be with such well-known stars in the film. She has also been in discussions with the top Bangalore studio on a mega-budget first feature picture. Prachi, who is studying the southern languages, hopes to make it famous in South cinema and also has her sights set on Bollywood.

Prachi Sharma, a BTech in IT graduate and a native of Jaipur, uprooted her life and moved to Mumbai in pursuit of an acting career. Her everyday schedule consists of her favourite dancing style, Bachata, and going to auditions. She decided to give her acting career a boost, so she signed up with “For Fashion ABCD,” a prominent South Indian Celebrity Management Company.

We hope that Prachi, one of many new actresses to emerge at this moment, finds a permanent place in the hearts of moviegoers and becomes a shining star in films made in any of India’s numerous languages.