Smritikana Paul’s Jodi Baarono Koro song released in Mumbai

Beautiful imagery and moving music accompany a dreamlike voyage

New Delhi : A lot of the best music to come out of India has been created by musicians of Bengali descent. One can never grow tired of falling in love with their music due to its depth and importance. One of these is the most recent Jodi Baarono Koro by Smritikana Paul. Beautiful imagery and moving music accompany a dreamlike voyage. We can hear the threads of a Rabindrasangeet throughout this piece of music. On February 22, 2023, there was a spectacular opening ceremony in Mumbai.

Present were some top Indian musicians, including Annu Kapoor, Jatin Pandit, Jaspindar Narula, and Sushant Singh, to name a few. This particular video features actors Sulagna Chatterjee, Saptrishi Ghosh, Piloo Vidyarthi, Paritosh Sand, Savita Goyal, Ravindranath Seth, Qeeona R Roy, Rishaab Chaudhry, Ashie Chaudhry, Kaira Goyal, Aryan Goyal, Rajesh Roy, and Shubham Kumbhare. Perfect Pitch Production has looked after the music and special post-production. Directed by Gaurav Moitra, it’s a beautiful representation of a wonderful song. Pritha Majumder conceived and created this masterpiece.

Playback singer Pritha Mazumdar, who made everyone crazy with her melodious voice by singing superhit songs in films like Vastav, Veer Zara, Mohabbatein, Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar talks about this and says, “It’s something that touched me, and I thought “why not share this with the world?” Music is our essence, and in a world where everyone is striving to find peace, why not get them the same via some soulful songs on their screens? We’re looking forward to seeing how people react to it. Thanks to all who have supported us and given us their love.

Find this beautiful song on youtube @ the channel NBM Production