Setback for Congress in Surat, Nomination form of its Surat Lok Sabha candidate cancelled!

There have been allegations that three supporters of Congress candidate from Surat Lok Sabha seat have disowned the signatures


Surat : An intense and dramatic incident unfolded in the Surat Lok Sabha seat on Saturday afternoon, causing a stir in the political sphere. The objections raised by the election agent of the BJP candidate have had a significant impact. There were concerns raised regarding the validity of signatures on the nomination forms of three individuals supporting Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani. In the midst of escalating tensions, the District Election Officer (DEO) took a firm stance on Sunday afternoon by invalidating Kumbhani’s nomination form. This decision set off a series of legal battles and allegations.

An official inquiry was prompted after concerns were raised by the BJP candidate’s election agent, Dinesh Jodhani, regarding the signatures on Kumbhani’s nomination forms. There have been allegations that three supporters of Kumbhani have disowned the signatures attributed to them in the forms, which has raised suspicions of foul play. In response, Kumbhani stated that these supporters had been abducted, adding another layer of complexity to the already tense situation.

In the midst of the intensifying conflict, legal disputes arose, as three petitions were submitted to the High Court and the Collector’s office. These petitions challenged the cancellation of the nomination papers of the alleged “missing” supporters. An important hearing occurred on Sunday before the Collector, leading to the cancellation of Nilesh Kumbhani’s nomination form.

After this development, the Congress camp expressed their determination to seek legal action. Lawyer Babu Mangukia announced intentions to escalate the matter to the High Court and the Supreme Court, following the directives of the Congress High Command.

Allegations were exchanged by both sides, with Congress claiming a plot masterminded by influential figures within the BJP. Anup Rajput, a Congress zonal spokesperson, accused Hardik Patel and Arjun Modhwadia of plotting to sabotage Kumbhani’s candidature. Rajput confidently discussed the accused individuals’ connections with Kumbhani and hinted at their potential involvement in the reported kidnapping.

In a response, Manish Doshi, spokesperson of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC), dismissed the allegations as a tactic by the BJP to manipulate the electoral process. Doshi expressed his concerns about what he saw as the BJP’s excessive control over the administration and emphasised the importance of holding fair and transparent elections without any interference.

Amidst the escalating political turmoil, concerns persist about the fairness of electoral officials and the credibility of the electoral process. The ongoing conflict between the BJP and Congress underscores the longstanding tensions that define Indian politics, as both parties fiercely compete for success using any available methods.

The future legal battles and their potential impact on the electoral process in Surat have left many questioning its integrity. In the midst of the commotion, it is evident that the contest for the Surat Lok Sabha seat is still ongoing, and its result could have a significant impact on the political scenario in the long run.