“Scar” movie poster released by Adam Saini, Sneha Ullal, and Kumar Sanu

The experience of reading the screenplay for "Scar" was very intriguing, according to Douglas McKenna, Head of Production


Mumbai : Directed by Manish Vatssalya and starring Sneha Ullal and Adam Saini, the official poster unveiling for “Scar” took place today. There is a stirring Kumar Sanu song in the film as well.

“Scar” is a film that means a lot to me, and I believe it’s important to tell this tale, as Adam Saini has expressed. It’s based on my own experience of being a minority in a foreign country and having to deal with prejudice and discrimination. I hoped that telling this narrative would prompt people to think critically about these problems and begin dialogues that would ultimately lead to solutions.

The experience of reading the screenplay for “Scar” was very intriguing, according to Douglas McKenna, Head of Production. Action fans will be on the edge of their seats throughout the whole flick. The film’s exploration of racism, however, is what makes it really unique. From personal experience, I can say that this is a problem that touches everyone, regardless of their background or appearance. Scar is a moving call to arms, a reminder that we are all human beings and must work together to overcome prejudice and injustice.

Sneha Ullal explained the movie’s premise during the poster release event, saying that “Scar” is about the spiritual, mental, and physical scars that people bear. She said that raising awareness about racism and prejudice was the key motivation for her participation in the initiative. Adam Saini agreed with her and spoke about his own encounters with prejudice in a foreign country.

There was a lot of enthusiasm and energy during the movie poster unveiling because of the presence of singer Faize Mohammad, Divya Kumar, and actress Khushboo Purohit. Khushboo Purohit, who also has a significant role in the film, spoke about how rewarding it is to take part in something of this magnitude. Faize Mohammad discussed his time spent composing the score for the film and how he was moved by its message. She expressed her delight at working on the soundtrack among such talented people as Khushboo Purohit, Shaan, Salman Ali, Javed Ali, Palak Muchhal, Nakash Aziz, Pawni Pandey, and Swati sharma. The movie’s message will definitely have more of an emotional effect with their combined talents.

The team behind “Scar” hopes that the way the film is written and presented will help to bring attention to the issue of racism and discrimination, and create a more sensitive and understanding world.Kumar Sanu, who has lent his voice to a powerful song in the movie, was impressed with the lyrics and melody of the song, and was compelled to join the project after learning about its message.

Directed by Manish Vatssalya, the music for “Scar” is composed by Siddharth Madhav. The movie is set to release in the coming year’s, and the team is excited to share this impactful story with the world.

“We believe that ‘Scar’ is a powerful and thought-provoking movie that will resonate with audiences around the world,” said director Manish Vatssalya.  “We hope that it will inspire conversations and bring awareness to important issues that need to be addressed.”