Breaking Boundaries in Hearing Technology: Surat-Based Softone Launches India’s Most Advanced Hearing Aid – Re-Hear

Millions of individuals all around the globe deal with the devastating effects of deafness


Surat : Surat’s premier hearing aid provider, Softone Speech and Hearing Clinics Private Limited, has introduced the revolutionary new ‘Re-Hear’ hearing device.

Millions of individuals all around the globe deal with the devastating effects of deafness. Finding ways to improve one’s hearing is crucial for those with hearing loss who want to lead a normal life. Traditional hearing aids have limitations, such as short battery life and the inability to hold a phone conversation. However, a new hearing aid called Re-Hear with enhanced capabilities is now available and may greatly improve the lives of the deaf.

The Re-Hear is a state-of-the-art hearing aid that allows the user to connect to their phone for phone calls and music streaming. This feature sets it apart from other common hearing aids available today. It can be recharged, and its inexpensive cost makes it accessible to anybody who need it. This is wonderful news for the deaf population, which has limited options due to the high cost of hearing devices.

“About 6% of India’s population is deaf,” said Jalpesh Patel, director of Softone. “These individuals should see an audiologist at least once every five to six years and get a new hearing aid at that time.” Instead of making repeated trips to the audiologist, they may set up the device themselves with the help of the Re-Hear mobile app.

“Traditional hearing aids have limitations that cause the user additional problems.” For example, they enhance ambient noises, resulting in more hearing loss, and their batteries run out regularly, creating annoyance,” explained Softone’s director, Chetan Patel.

“Re-Hear overcomes these limitations by incorporating new features that transform even the most audible voice into a human voice, and the device can be programmed using any mobile phone without the use of a computer.” This function enables patients with hearing loss to get the assistance they need, regardless of their location or availability to audiologists.”

Softone reports that India has just 4,500 audiologists for a population of 140 crores. This scarcity makes it difficult for patients to get treatment, resulting in substantial financial, physical, and emotional distress. Re-Hear alleviates this discomfort by allowing patients to programme and test their hearing loss from the comfort of their own homes, removing the necessity for in-person visits to an audiologist.

Re-Hear is a market disruptor in the hearing aid industry, offering a contemporary hearing machine with sophisticated features at an inexpensive price.  Re-Hear is available for Rs. 19,999, a considerable decrease from its initial price of Rs. 75,000. Re-Hear is an effort that strives to enhance the lives of those who suffer from hearing loss by offering them an accessible, contemporary, and cheap solution to their difficulties.

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