Rromeo’s Tu Chand Hai Chapter 3 is an epic love story unlike any other music video

The brilliant singer's beautiful song is an emotional roller coaster


New Delhi : The third chapter of Rromeo’s viral hit Tu Chand Hai was released via his private YouTube account just days after his birthday. The video for Tu Chand Hai Chapter 3, which features Rromeo and Zyraa Zend, is encouraging.

The brilliant singer’s beautiful song is an emotional roller coaster, with music and lyrics written, performed, and produced entirely by Rromeo.

You read that correctly; one person is responsible for the song’s lyrics, music, and performance. A person’s attention is captured instantly by the stunning images. Jhony MohdSk’s gorgeous cinematography creates the appropriate atmosphere of melancholy. A remarkable accomplishment, reached by very few. Moscow, Russia, and Almaty, Kazakhstan, were chosen as the song’s settings because of their beauty.

There has never been a music video before that so successfully incorporated a moving story of love and loss.

You can almost imagine yourself in a movie when you listen to this song because of the intricate plot that has been woven into it. And you won’t believe what comes next.

The lyrical story ends on a cliffhanger, so readers may be assured that more will be coming shortly.

The music video was directed by Faraz Haider, whose other credits include Mere Desh Ki Dharti (2022), Ticket to Bollywood, and others. It was produced by Anjum Qureshi and Sajid Qureshi of Inbox images (2018).

If you’re as smitten with the concept of unending love as Rromeo is, you have to check out the music video for “Tu Chand Hai Chapter 3,” which can be found on Rromeo’s Official Channel.