Producer Anil Goyal launches Talent Tree application to help TV industry aspirants

Jaghanya Apradh's producer Anil Goyal is a true visionary


New Delhi : Jaghanya Apradh’s producer Anil Goyal is a true visionary, and the show he’s working on is sure to be a hit when it premieres on Indian television soon. Anil, a veteran of the television industry, is familiar with the challenges faced by newcomers looking for an acting gig in Mumbai.

Newcomers to the entertainment industry who know nothing about the audition process or anything else related to the business have been the target of several stories of deception and thuggery. Because of this, Goyal has decided to release a mobile app to help the rookies who travel to the maximum metropolis in the hopes of making it big in the TV industry.

You read that correctly. Talent Tree is the name of the app that will provide its registered users with access to a database containing the contact information for all the major players in the field. To help orient the novices to the Hindi television industry, there will be a slew of well-known names among casting directors, actors, directors, producers, and so on.

When we asked Anil about Talent Tree, he said, “There will be no dearth of work, and in fact, the registered users will also be aware of the locations to visit in order to get auditioned, and in fact, we are also incorporating “Google Maps” in Talent Tree to ease the navigation process inside the economic capital, especially for those who are unaware of the city.”

We pray the app is immensely popular and meets the demands of all individuals who yearn to make their mark in the entertainment industry.