Dilip Kumar Sahu sets world record for largest photo collection of international cricket players

In 2017 and 2021, he entered the Starbook of India-World Records for having the greatest collection of photographs


New Delhi : Dillip Kumar Sahu has been amassing a remarkable photo archive of cricketers from all over the world since 2006. Images of cricketers from many countries, such as India, England, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and the West Indies, are included in this massive archive.

In 2017 and 2021, he entered the Starbook of India-World Records for having the greatest collection of photographs of Mr. Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha, which comprised more than 5,000 shots of him and Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

This Odia stone carver and painter has also been honoured with the India’s Prime Award in 2022 and the India’s Proud Award in 2021 for his or her work. Aug. 2022: President Draupadi Murmu used Instagram to share his passion for fine art and antiques. In 2022, he won the Rashtra Prerna prize.

He has the largest collection of photos of international cricket players, and it includes Virat Kohli, the most famous cricket player from India. This record was verified by the World Records Guinness Book of Records in London.

He holds the record for the largest collection of newspaper clippings ever assembled, with 3,030 photos of cricket players from around the world.

Sri Jagannath, the famous Lord of Odisha, the Chief Minister of Odisha, and the Prime Minister of India are just a few of the famous people in his collection.

I plan to continue doing what Dillip has called his “favourite interest,” which is collecting images.

He has always been very curious about God and the natural world. As a result of its tranquil atmosphere, country life used to be one of his favourites. “Natural surroundings typically make me feel at calm; I am blindly in love with nature,” says Kumar.

He began drawing in school when he was 7 years old and was constantly inspired to create new works of art. He received a fine arts degree from Prachin Kala Kendra in Chandigarh, where he also completed a five-year course that gave him a deep understanding of paintings and art.

He further enrolled in the State Institute of Handicrafts training in Bhubhaneshwar once he had some knowledge of the traditional stone carving of Odisha art.

After acquiring this much knowledge, he introduced KALAKUNJA, a handicraft store in Bhubhaneshwar, in 1999. But, after making only a small profit, the store failed after four years.

After struggling to keep up with his daily expenses, he began collecting photos from the daily ODIA newspaper, where he gathered numerous images of the Prime Minister of India, the President of India, the Vice President of India, the Chief Minister of India, and the Governor of Odisha, as well as interesting articles of Odia.