Pranav Vatsa’s ‘Dhuan Dhuan’ Sets the Music Scene on Fire with Its Massive Views on Zee Music Company

His latest creative triumph is the viral video for his song "Dhuan Dhuan


New Delhi : After spending many years as a well-known lyricist, Pranav Vatsa has spent the last two to three years making appearances on different Music Platforms as an actor and vocalist. Originally from Bhagalpur, Bihar, Pranav Vatsa began his career as a theatre performer in Mumbai, the “City of Dreams,” fifteen years ago. After receiving negative reviews as an actor, he made the decision to pursue a career as a songwriter. As a result of his hard work and talent, he is now recognised as a groundbreaking lyricist. After the release of the songs Birju and DJ Mere Gaana Baja De from the 2015 film Hey Bro, he became well-known and appreciated as a writer.  He has since been seen working on a number of other initiatives. Two years ago, Pranav Vatsa and Big Boss winner Tejaswi Prakash starred in the song video KYUN NA AAYE, which was shown on Zed song. Even though Pranav Vatsa composed and sang the song, he was also lauded for his acting, further solidifying his reputation as a performer. Despite everyone’s best efforts, the song never quite took off. Pranav Vatsa reprises his roles as lyricist and actor in the upcoming music video for the dance track “Dhuan Dhuan.” His latest creative triumph is the viral video for his song “Dhuan Dhuan,” which was released by Zee Music Company on May 5, 2023 and has since racked up millions of views.

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Dhuan Dhuan is a dance music video featuring Pranav Vatsa and Ashram fame Tridha Choudhury. The song is sung by famous Singer Nakash Aziz, Lyrics by Pranav Vatsa, beautifully composed by Vivian Richard,  Choreographed by Dev Thape, Directed by Dev Thape and Rishii Kumaar, DOP is Ankit Mishra and Ravi Paliwal, Edited by Manoj Magar, Creative Producer is Shruti Shukla, casting director  Nikhil Choudhary, project designer is Santosh Kumar Sonu. The song is produced by Vinod Paliwal, Anwar Shaikh and Vrinda Bhandari under the Banners Kanisha Films Creations and We Are Events and Productions.