Poster of Umbrella film starring Hemal Ingle and Abhishek Sethiya releases on V-Day


Mumbai : Producers of the film “Umbrella” chose Valentine’s Day for the debut of the film’s first poster. Hemal Ingle, Abhishek Sethiya, Arun Nalawade, and Suhita Thatte play pivotal roles in this Manoj Vishe film. The film is presented by Scinemasters Entertainment and will debut in the second quarter of 2023; it was produced by Swarnad Creation and Blue Umbrella Entertainment.

In “Umbrella,” a well-educated, family-focused couple falls in love, causing friction between their respective families. This conflict stems from the parents’ high expectations for their children, which are ultimately disappointed when those hopes aren’t met.

Director Manoj Vishe made these comments about the same film: “It’s a very meaningful film to us. Ours is not a typical romantic tale. As a result of the captivating music and touching love story, it is sure to be a hit with the public.”

Film critic and presenter Arvind Singgh Rajpoot said, “After learning about this film, we knew immediately that we had to show it. There will be emotional ties to the film’s central family dynamic. We are a company that supports quality content, and I have not seen a story like Umbrella in quite some time.”

Produced by Manoj Vishe and Arvind Singgh Rajpoot and co-produced by Aviraj Dapodikar, Sachindra Sharmaa, Sarthak Adhikari, Ashish Thakre and Nilesh Patil. The film’s music is composed by Santosh Mulekar, lyrics from Mangesh Kangane. It has songs from singers like Ajay Gogavale, Late K.K., Sunidhi Chouhan, Nakash Aziz, Anand Shinde, and Bharti Madhvi.