Mind Wars launches new gamified quizzing application for students

A new avenue for students to engage in multiple interesting topics via gamified quizzing.


Mumbai : Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited’s original concept, Mind Wars, has now been released as a mobile app that promises to make students’ quiz-taking experiences more like video games. As a multichannel environment for quizzing students in India, Mind Wars is proud to announce that their app is now available on both Android and iOS devices. The software will allow students to review their material in the most interesting way possible while also providing quizzes on a wide range of topics, including current events, general knowledge, and mythology.

Executive Vice President of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited Mr. Umesh Kr Bansal exclaims, “This is a really exciting moment in the journey of Mind Wars. Using the new gamified software, students may expand their knowledge in all areas while having fun taking fantastic quizzes, which is a win-win for everyone involved in the educational system. The mission of Mind Wars has always been to offer students options grounded on knowledge that would help them develop their intelligence. The software should help us achieve that goal more effectively as a brand.

Users can choose from a variety of games set in the app’s universe and take quizzes tailored to their personal preferences, maximising both entertainment value and information absorption. The Mind Wars app facilitates communication between students in India for the purpose of intellectual stimulation through the use of challenges and open battlegrounds. There are many other features that set this game apart, such as Mudras (the game’s currency), a galaxy utopia (the game’s “Utopia”), and the journey to the Mind Palace (a location of limitless wisdom).

The three most important people in any educational system are the kids, the parents, and the schools, and Mind Wars has always given them first priority. Each component of the app has been developed with the student’s unique requirements in mind, creating a stimulating environment in which pupils can grow their understanding and memory.

From its beginning in 2019, the brand has been at the forefront of a new educational era. It provides a well-rounded education for kids by exposing them to a variety of exciting extracurricular opportunities.

About Mind Wars

Mind Wars has been a harbinger of a new wave of education, with its brilliant activities providing holistic knowledge to the students. This modern approach to education has enabled Mind Wars to attract student participation and registrations from around 692 districts (94.5%) across the country. These numbers are only a reflection of the success of Mind Wars in the country, with over 36,000 schools and teachers from over 14,000 schools being a part of its family. Since 2019, Mind Wars has been on a mission to make every student smarter, not just academically but also in general knowledge and current affairs. Witnessing some landmark feats in the previous year, Mind Wars is poised to take some giant strides this year.