Lok Sabha Elections Gujarat : Patidar Community Gears Up to Rally Behind Parshottam Rupala

The Patidar community's steadfast support for Rupala comes amid the backdrop of mounting agitation by the Kshatriya community across Gujarat.


Rajkot :With just a week remaining until the third phase of polling in Gujarat on May 7, the political landscape in the state, particularly in the pivotal Rajkot Lok Sabha seat, is electrified. Amidst the backdrop of the Kshatriya community’s outcry against Parshottam Rupala and the BJP, the Leuva and Kadva Patidar communities have emerged as staunch supporters of Rupala, gearing up for a massive convention in Rajkot to demonstrate their solidarity.

As the countdown to the third phase of polling in Gujarat intensifies, the political fervor in the state reaches a crescendo, particularly in the high-stakes Rajkot Lok Sabha seat. Against the backdrop of escalating tensions sparked by Parshottam Rupala’s contentious remarks regarding Kshatriya women and Royals, the Patidar community emerges as a decisive force, poised to rally behind Rupala and the BJP.

In a significant show of strength, a mammoth convention of the Patidar community is slated to take place in Rajkot on May 4, drawing participation from both the Kadva and Leuva Patidars hailing from Rajkot and across the Saurashtra region. The event, organized by the Patidar Samaj, serves as a platform for the community to reaffirm its support for Rupala’s candidacy in the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat.

The gathering is expected to witness a robust turnout of Patidar community members, including representatives from both the Kadva and Leuva Patidar factions, as well as prominent industrialists and businessmen from the community. Their presence underscores a unified front in backing Rupala amidst the prevailing political tumult.

The Patidar community’s steadfast support for Rupala comes amid the backdrop of mounting agitation by the Kshatriya community across Gujarat. The Kshatriya community’s decision to boycott BJP candidates in the Lok Sabha elections serves as a poignant reminder of the deep-seated rifts within the state’s political landscape.

The timing of the Patidar convention is strategically aligned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s forthcoming two-day visit to Gujarat, scheduled to commence on May 1. The event not only serves as a demonstration of the Patidar community’s unwavering allegiance to Rupala but also as a preemptive move ahead of Modi’s visit, aimed at solidifying support for the BJP in the face of mounting opposition.

As Gujarat braces for the impending polls, the convergence of political forces and community sentiments underscores the complexities inherent in the state’s electoral dynamics. The Patidar community’s proactive stance serves as a testament to its political clout and underscores its pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the elections in the Rajkot constituency and beyond.