Lok Sabha Election 2024 :Gujarat Assembly Speaker Announces Voter Turnout Competition

Whichever booth has the maximum voter turnout in Lok Sabha Election will receive a Rs. 25 lakh grant for the development of that village


AHMEDABAD,GUJARAT : In a bid to promote voter participation during the Lok Sabha general elections in rural Gujarat, the Assembly Speaker has unveiled an innovative competition among 11 villages in Tharad. The initiative aims to incentivize high voter turnout by offering monetary rewards for development projects in the winning villages.

Addressing a public meeting in Lakhani village, located in North Gujarat, the Gujarat Assembly Speaker outlined the details of the voter turnout competition. Emphasizing the importance of democratic participation, he stated, “Whichever booth has the maximum voter turnout will receive a Rs. 25 lakh grant for the development of that village.” He further elaborated on the distribution of prizes, with villages ranking second and third in voter turnout receiving Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 15 lakhs, respectively.

The competition seeks to galvanize rural communities and underscore the significance of electoral engagement in shaping local development. By linking voter turnout to tangible benefits for village development, the initiative aims to mobilize citizens and foster a sense of civic responsibility.

The announcement has generated excitement and enthusiasm among residents of the participating villages, who view the competition as an opportunity to effect positive change in their communities. With the prospect of substantial funds allocated for development projects, villagers are motivated to actively participate in the electoral process and maximize voter turnout.

“The competition reflects a broader trend of leveraging incentives to enhance voter participation, particularly in rural areas where turnout rates may be lower compared to urban centers. By aligning electoral engagement with grassroots development initiatives, the Gujarat Assembly Speaker demonstrates a commitment to strengthening democratic norms and empowering local communities” said a BJP leader.

Moreover, the competition fosters healthy competition among villages, encouraging collaborative efforts to mobilize voters and achieve collective goals. Beyond the monetary rewards, the initiative promotes a culture of civic engagement and underscores the transformative potential of democratic participation.