Pakistan in a hurry to see Rahul Gandhi as PM : PM Modi 

"Pakistan is crying, because Congress is dying in India," asserted PM Modi. "Pakistan is in a hurry to see the Shehzada (Rahul Gandhi) as the Prime Minister of India.


Anand : Prime Minister Narendra Modi intensified his verbal assault on the Congress party and its leader Rahul Gandhi during the second day of his election campaign in Gujarat. In a fervent address to a massive rally in Anand, the heartland of India’s milk industry, PM Modi accused Pakistan of being deeply invested in the demise of the Congress party in India.

“Pakistan is crying, because Congress is dying in India,” asserted PM Modi. “Pakistan is in a hurry to see the Shehzada (Rahul Gandhi) as the Prime Minister of India. The partnership between Pakistan and Congress is exposed.”

The Prime Minister’s speech was replete with scathing remarks aimed at the opposition. He mocked Pakistan’s predicament, claiming that the nation, once known for wielding terrorism as a weapon, was now reduced to seeking basic necessities like flour. “Pakistan’s terrorism tire is punctured. Now, they are running from pillar to post for importing ‘Atta’ (flour). They (Pakistan) used to have bombs in their hands, now they have ‘Bheek Ka Katora’,” he declared.

Directly targeting Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi criticized his political posturing and accused him of exploiting the constitution for personal gain. “The Shehzada is keeping the constitution on his head and dancing in the public rallies. I seek answer from the Congress, for 75 long years constitution was not important for you. In Kashmir, constitution was not implemented. There was a huge wall of Article 370. I belong to the land of Sardar Patel and I demolished that wall and gave the biggest tribute to Sardar Saheb. Abolition of Article 370 was the dream of Sardar Patel, and I have fulfilled his dream,” PM Modi asserted.

Highlighting the disparity between Congress’ long-standing governance and the BJP’s tenure, PM Modi emphasized the transformative initiatives undertaken by his government. “The 60 years of Congress rule in the country was a ‘Shashan Kaal’, and our 10 years were the ‘Seva Kaal’. In 60 years of Congress rule, only 60% of the population had toilets, but in 10 years of BJP government there are 100% toilets,” he proclaimed.

He further delineated the achievements of his administration, contrasting them with the supposed failures of the Congress regime. “During their 60 years of rule, Congress could manage to give only 3 crore ‘Nal Se Jal’, while we have achieved 14 crore. In 60 years, the banks were nationalized, but the accounts of poor were not opened. In 10 years, we opened more than 50 crore bank accounts.”

Switching gears to international affairs, PM Modi positioned India as a beacon of hope and stability amidst global turmoil. “Only India can propel the development of the World. India is the bright spot for the world. When there is war, India is looked at as ‘Vishwa Bandhu’ (world friend) to solve the crisis,” he declared.

Reflecting on the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict, PM Modi underscored India’s role in facilitating the safe return of its citizens and even Pakistanis from the war-torn region. “People were stuck in Ukraine and the only passport to move out from the war-torn country was our ‘Tiranga’. Even the Pakistanis in Ukraine would hold the Tiranga high to move out safely. This is the strength of our Tiranga,” he concluded.