Kshatriya Agitation Spurs Hefty Spending by Parshottam Rupala in Rajkot Lok Sabha Seat

BJP candidate Parshottam Rupala leads the pack in terms of election spending in the Rajkot parliamentary constituency soared to Rs. 16.66 lakh, far surpassing his closest rival


Rajkot : The ongoing Kshatriya agitation in the Saurashtra region, particularly in Rajkot, has catalyzed significant election spending, notably impacting Union Minister Parshottam Rupala’s campaign for the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat. With expenses soaring to Rs 17 lakh amidst the unrest, Rupala face scrutiny over their expenditure disclosures, as independent candidates set a different precedent.

According to official records, BJP candidate Parshottam Rupala leads the pack in terms of election spending in the Rajkot parliamentary constituency. Rupala’s campaign expenses have soared to Rs. 16.66 lakh, far surpassing his closest rival, Congress candidate Paresh Dhanani, who has reported expenditures of Rs. 5.46 lakh. The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) candidate trails behind with expenses amounting to Rs. 29,150, while six independent candidates collectively account for Rs. 1.94 lakh in campaign spending, primarily attributed to costs related to petrol and diesel.

The fervor of the Kshatriya agitation sweeping through the Saurashtra region, especially in Rajkot, has left an indelible mark on the electoral landscape, with Union Minister Parshottam Rupala bearing the brunt of its impact. As the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat gears up for polling on May 7, the spotlight falls on the exorbitant election expenditures incurred by candidates amidst the ongoing unrest.

Since the inception of the Kshatriya agitation, sparked by Rupala’s controversial remarks regarding Kshatriya women and royals, the incumbent BJP candidate seems to have spared no expense in bolstering his electoral prospects, shelling out a staggering Rs 17 lakh.

Ahead of the polls, candidates from various parties, including BJP, Congress, and independents, have submitted their election expenses to the authorities. However, the Collector has issued notices to both BJP and Congress candidates for allegedly withholding details of their expenses and has demanded full disclosure within a stipulated timeframe of two days.

Surprisingly, while mainstream candidates grapple with scrutiny over their expenditure disclosures, seven independent candidates have demonstrated transparency by submitting their complete expense accounts, setting a contrasting example.

Collector Prabhav Joshi’s notices to the BJP and Congress candidates highlight the importance of transparency and adherence to electoral regulations. Both candidates have been directed to furnish comprehensive details of their election expenses within a stringent timeframe of two days, emphasizing the imperative of accountability and compliance with electoral norms.