Khateeb Study Abroad realizing dreams of students for global educational prospects

Khateeb Study Abroad is based in Mumbai


New Delhi : Possibilities in education abound on a global scale. Global student migration has begun as students from all over the world seek out the best possible educational opportunities. Nothing has changed in India. Indian students are going through a time when they want to study, make a living abroad, and maximise their careers, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic and other natural disasters. These idealistic expectations are frequently dashed because people aren’t well-informed about the opportunities abroad, or because they work with unreliable middlemen. For more than a decade, Khateeb Study Abroad has been the go-to resource for students seeking assistance with any aspect of studying abroad. It guarantees that no young Indian with aspirations won’t be able to achieve those aspirations.

Khateeb Study Abroad, based in Mumbai, India, is the brainchild of Mr. Junaid Khateeb, who ornates the founder cum CEO role at the enterprise. Shahla Z.S, who heads the Nasik and Ahmednagar division; Mrs. Ulka Padwalkar, who heads the Mumbai division; and Mrs. Nehan S K, who heads the Aurangabad division, along with the founder Mr. Junaid Khateeb, constitutes the team of directors at Khateeb Study Abroad. The able group of directors oversees the functioning of the enterprise and envisions newer projects in alignment with the pulse of the global education sector.

The Khateeb Study Abroad initiative coexists with the Khateeb Academy of Higher Studies and is the one-stop solution for all queries and services on studies abroad. They extend their assistance to the students in the most crucial decision-making processes, from picking the ideal country, course, and university to the accommodation facilities for the students. The enterprise assists the students from the initial phase of preparing for the admission process itself and ensures they avail guidance at each stage of the application and admission process.

Primary services available at Khateeb Study Abroad are assistance in country selection, university selection, course selection, qualifying examinations, exam counseling, application filling, admission, scholarships, loan assistance, visa processing, accommodation facilities, and many more. They even help the student’s book flight tickets for the best possible rates. They intend to provide an end-to-end solution to the students, all under one roof.

Financial planning is essential while preparing to study abroad. Students can avail of the service of Khateeb Study Abroad to make a solid and practically executable plan to manage their funds and finances while studying abroad. They have specialized programs for students who intend to participate in international qualification exams like GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS.

They are keen on providing professional assistance throughout the application and admission process of the student. Thus, they have devised a comprehensive profile management plan, which consists of closely monitoring the profile of the students, one-on-one mentoring to optimize the profile for better higher education opportunities, arranging high-value internships, providing certifications from established companies like Microsoft, and many more. Students availing of this program would have an impressive profile and portfolio by the end of their graduation, which will catch the eye of top universities abroad.

Khateeb Study Abroad also provides a unique Visa Assistance program that assists the students in the entire documentation process of their admission abroad, attending the visa interviews, creating an immaculate statement of purpose and making the visa process extremely smooth and convenient.

The team at Khateeb Study Abroad believes that every child if provided with the right opportunities is capable of flying high. Thus, they have made it their life purpose to fulfill the global education dreams of the students. They cherish the dream that one day they will witness Indian students pursuing their dreams without any restraints, whether social, financial, or cultural, and they can lead the students with hope and purpose.