India’s largest vanity van vendor Ketan Rawal is coming up with its debut Gujarati Film ‘Ram Bharose’

Moviegoers can expect to see "Ram Bharose" in theatres soon


Ahmedabad (Gujarat) : Gujarati films, which cover a wide range of topics, are successful at showcasing Gujarati culture and its splendour to the audience. The film Ram Bharose, shot in Gujarati, will feature such a wide range of themes. Cast members Dhairya Thakkar, Reeva Ranch, and Nilesh Parmar, as well as the film’s director Vishal Vadawala, producers Ketan Rawal, Manish Jain, Ajit Joshi, Maltiben Dave, Manish Satani, Tejal Rawal, and creative producer Pravin Khinchi, were on hand for the title launch.

Ketan Rawal, the largest vanity van vendor in India, Mumbadevi Visions, is making his directorial debut in the Gujarati film industry with the film Ram Bharose.

The film’s director, Vishal Vadawala, said, “There are times in everyone’s life where a situation arises where one finds himself with nothing in his hands. The moment Rama leaves, life returns to its normal, active state. The film’s plot, however, intertwines a love story with the grand culture of Gujarat. After that, I’m more interested in this tale. Audiences can rest assured that the film will deliver on its promise of providing warm, enjoyable entertainment.

Moviegoers can expect to see “Ram Bharose” in theatres soon. The film’s title, “Ram Bharose,” and the names of its stars, director, and producers are all intriguingly revealed in the title. The film’s title, “Ram Bharose,” carries deep symbolic significance, as it encapsulates the core belief that Lord Shri Ram is at the centre of the vibrant lives of the characters it depicts and the fusion of various aspects of Gujarati culture. The central theme of this film is the importance of trust in relationships. The lush countryside of the Gujarati villages of Junagadh, Talala, and Lunasana served as the setting for much of the film’s action.

In the film ‘Ram Bharose’, new actors will be seen in the lead roles. Dhairya Thakkar, Reeva Ranch, and Nilesh Parmar are debuting in the Gujarati film industry with this film. The film is directed by Vishal Vadawala, while Ketan Rawal and Manish Jain are the producers of the film and Pravin Khinchi is the creative producer.