In Islam, it is believed that when it comes to hitting your wife, it should only be done lightly, like a gentle touch : Adv. Nizam A. Khan

The Quran teaches that husbands should always be kind and respectful to their wives, even if they no longer feel love for them


Advocate Nizam Ali Khan, who talks about Islam, recently explained a verse from the Quran that many people don’t understand correctly. He said that it is the number of a verse. Chapter 4 talks about wives who behave arrogantly and suggests using physical force on them.

Some media and people who don’t like Islam often misinterpret a line from the Quran. They attempted to spoil the true lessons of Islam by distorting the words from the Quran or Prophet Mohammed. However, the Quran does not have any words saying it is acceptable for a man to hit his wife. The Quran teaches that husbands should always be kind and respectful to their wives, even if they no longer feel love for them. Khan learned more about Prophet Mohammed’s teachings.

He said that the Prophet Mohammed instructed people to treat their wives with kindness and respect. He also said that the nicest people are the ones who treat their wives the nicest. He said that the best people are those who treat their wives well, and he that he is the best to his wives. Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah wrote that according to Prophet Mohammed, when a husband gives food to his wife and feeds her, it is like doing a good deed. He said that you will get something good in return for doing small things for your wife, such as giving her food. The Prophet Mohammed said that we should treat women with respect and look after them because they are special to Allah.

He also said that it is okay to be close to them, as Allah permits it. You can choose who gets to sit on your furniture. If someone you don’t like sits on it, you can gently hit her. And her right to you is that you should look after her and give them clothes regularly. Narrated by Muslim in the year 1218.

The statement of Prophet Muhammad can be interpreted as a man being allowed to lightly and non-violently discipline his wife without causing harm, if there is a valid reason, such as if she has disobeyed him. Do as you are told. If the wife disobeys her husband’s orders and rebels against him, he can scold her, make her stay in bed, and hit her. The hitting is only allowed if it doesn’t cause harm or violence.

It’s easy for him to understand, like tapping. Al-Hasan al-Basri stated that something doesn’t hurt. Ata asked Ibn `Abbas which hit is not powerful. Ibn `Abbas replied that hitting with siwak or similar objects is not strong. Siwak is a little stick or twig that people use to clean their teeth.

The goal is not to harm or embarrass the wife, but to help her understand that she has done something wrong to her husband. It is important for the husband to remind and guide her. Khan said that Muslim men should not misunderstand this verse and the words of the Prophet Muhammad and start hitting their wives. There are some people who are against Muslims, like the media and politicians, who are trying to make Islam look bad by taking this verse out of its true meaning.

In simpler words: In Islam, Husbands are strictly not allowed to hurt their wives and causing them any serious harm. Islam values and treats every individual and their bonds, such as spouses, men, women, and people of different faiths, children, teenagers, and older individuals.


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