Fake Degree Controversy Rocks Surat Smart Education Expo: SGCCI Removes IDT Stall

The SGCCI management, it appears, was unaware of the VNSGU action against Institute of Design and Technology (IDT) and 41 other similar institutes accused of duping students with worthless degrees


SURAT, GUJARAT: The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) was forced to remove the stall of the Institute of Design and Technology (IDT) from the ongoing Smart Education Expo after the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) issued a notice accusing IDT of offering unaccredited degree courses in interior design and fashion design.

The SGCCI management, it appears, was unaware of the university’s action against IDT and 41 other similar institutes accused of duping students with worthless degrees. IDT’s stall number 34 attracted attention, particularly among young students seeking opportunities at reputed institutions. However, many visitors, aware of the VNSGU’s action, avoided the stall altogether.

Students Upset, Demand Action

The incident left students like Khyati Srikant, who visited the expo, fuming. “Why did SGCCI allow institutes like IDT to participate?” she questioned. “Their degrees hold no value! It’s crucial to remove such misleading stalls to prevent students from falling prey to their false advertising.”

VNSGU Takes Action Against Fake Degree Institutes

Meanwhile, the VNSGU has formed a five-member committee to investigate these “fake degree institutes” in Surat. The committee will visit all 42 institutes, verifying their affiliations and necessary approvals from the university or the state government.

A senior VNSGU officer expressed concern, stating, “These institutes offering fake degrees could be part of a larger scam, exploiting innocent students for large sums of money. Parents are often unaware of the legitimacy of such institutes and end up falling victim.”

SGCCI Blames Lack of Communication

When questioned about IDT’s presence at the expo, SGCCI president Ramesh Vaghasia explained, “The expo was planned well before VNSGU’s action. IDT might have booked their space earlier. After verifying the details, we have removed the stall of IDT”

Importance of Verification and Responsibility Highlighted

Education experts believe this incident highlights the importance of thorough verification for students seeking educational opportunities. It also raises questions about the responsibility of event organizers to ensure the legitimacy of participating institutions. This incident serves as a stark reminder for students and parents to be cautious and verify the accreditation of any institute before enrolling in any program.