Dipankar Group CMD Suryaji Kamble receives Lokshahi Samwad from Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde

To assure the continued prosperity of his businesses over the long term, he is adept at negotiating the complexities of the business world, seeing emerging trends, and making the necessary strategic choices


Mumbai : Mr. Suryaji Kamble, a well-known business leader in Maharashtra, was recently awarded the coveted Lokshahi Samwad award, a source of tremendous satisfaction for everyone working at the company he started with the altruistic goal of assisting people to make themselves happy.

Mr. Suryaji Kamble is the current Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Dipankar Group of Companies, with headquarters in Boisar, Maharashtra. But beyond that, he is a leader who can shift gears and adjust tactics in reaction to shifts in the marketplace. To assure the continued prosperity of his businesses over the long term, he is adept at negotiating the complexities of the business world, seeing emerging trends, and making the necessary strategic choices. He is never satisfied with the status quo and is not afraid to try new things in his pursuit of improvement and novelty. He is able to steer a company to success no matter the odds.

Mr. Suryaji Kamble was honoured with the Lokshahi Samwad award in a ceremony on April 20, 2023, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, at the Yashwantrao Chauhan Centre at Nariman Point. Chief Guests included Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Shri Eknath Sambhaji Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis, and Maharashtra’s Governor Shri Ramesh Bais, among many more.

Mr. Suryaji Kamble has many of the qualities necessary for a modern leader.

His capacity to think creatively is one example of this trait. He is not afraid to test out novel concepts and expand the bounds of possibility. He is always on the lookout for ways the organisation may advance its goods, services, and operations.

Mr. Suryaji Kamble has another essential quality of a leader in his ability to motivate and encourage his team in each of his companies. He has a gift for communicating his vision to others and inspiring them to join him in pursuing it.

He has the ability to think both strategically and tactically. While he understands the need of getting things done right away, he also knows how important it is to think forward. He is able to focus on the long-term success of the businesses and makes sound decisions that forward their missions.

Mr. Suryaji Kamble ably carries out a number of important roles, including that of a change agent. He is fearless in his pursuit of the company’s goals and is always on the lookout for innovative ways to achieve them. Because to his foresight and quick thinking, the company is able to adapt to shifting conditions in the business world. He is an effective communicator both internally and outside, and can articulate the company’s vision and strategic priorities to key constituents. And gradually, over time, he won the trust and commitment of his followers.

Mr. Suryaji Kamble takes the initiative in finding opportunities and implementing methods to capitalize on them.

He is very skilled at crisis management and negotiating difficult circumstances. A dynamic CEO may have a substantial influence on a company’s performance by driving growth and building a strong and resilient organization.

As a CMD, Suryaji Kamble can be best described as a leader who can adapt, innovate, and inspire others. He can think outside the box, balance short-term and long-term objectives, and be an agent of change.

Dipankar Group of Companies is currently growing its business in several industries, such as financial investment, school, vacations, and cinema entertainment. Mr. Suryaji Kamble created the Dipankar Group of Companies in the year, and it has since grown into a conglomerate of many sorts of businesses. Mr. Suryaji Kamble, a member of the group, oversees various enterprises, including The Dipankar Fincap Investment Pvt. Ltd., Dipankar Enterprises, Dipankar Unique Holidays, JayRaj Films Entertainment, and Dipankar Rainbow Kids School, among others.

The primary goal of the Dipankar Group of Companies is to develop various sorts of small enterprises, grow them together, and have a presence in the industry world. Along with this, the business aims to create multiple work opportunities, provide various services, manufacture and distribute various products, and help people be happy.

The company assists people in learning how to develop their money and educates them through our organization. Dipankar Stock Market Training Institute gives suitable assistance for stock market investment and trading.

With growing inflation in mind, we developed the Dipankar Facility Card. The firm has partnered with stores that sell necessities. If you have a Dipankar Facility Card, you may enjoy up to 40% off your purchases at these stores. Our goal is to give our cardholders increasing inflation as well as indirect discounts.

People should be able to enjoy the fun and joy of holidays in different places, to make useful things without harming the environment, to participate in the government’s “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” concept by assisting girls from economically disadvantaged families with their education, and to fulfil our duty to the country by providing financial assistance to the widows of fallen soldiers. Dipankar Group of Companies is attempting to undertake several similar operations.

The company’s mission can be seen in its tagline: “Helping People to Make People Happy”.

Please visit www.dipankarglobal.com  to know more about the company.