Cinedubs—watch Spy and Salmon-3D at any cinema in your language

he cutting-edge technology behind Cinedubs allows you to enjoy your favourite films in the language of your choosing without sacrificing any of the film's original quality.


New Delhi : Do you get sick of having to read subtitles or not seeing your favourite films because they aren’t available in your language? Cinedubs is the place to go. The cutting-edge technology behind Cinedubs allows you to enjoy your favourite films in the language of your choosing without sacrificing any of the film’s original quality.

Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malyalam speakers now have access to the 3D versions of Spy and Salmon. However, not all five languages will be offered in every city. Cities in the modern world are melting pots of people, ideas, and languages. They won’t be able to see “Spy and Salmon-3D” at a local cinema dubbed in their language of choice.

The mission of Cinedubs is to break down barriers between people and unite those of different cultural backgrounds. It’s a cutting-edge programme that promises to completely alter how people in India and elsewhere view films. Millions of people are unable to see movies because they are not being shown in their native language. Cinedubs is a service that enables moviegoers to see a film in their native tongue in a theatre showing it in another language.

This ensures that audiences all around the globe may enjoy Spy and Salmon-3D in their favourite language at any theatre, in every performance, no matter where they may be. Cinedubs is a mobile app that allows users to choose their favourite language and download the original soundtrack from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once inside the cinema, all they have to do is plug in their headphones and press Play. The background music will begin playing in their language at the precise moment the on-screen action begins. That’s all there is to it.

Cinedubs significantly impacts all three key stakeholders:

  1.      Cinegoers: They can watch movies in their preferred language irrespective of the language movie is being played at the theatres. Movie buffs will be able to experience regional cinemas which will significantly increase pan world coverage.
  2.      Exhibitors: Theatres are biggest beneficiaries, Cinedubs enables them to attract people of different languages to watch movies in the same auditorium. Additional revenue from increased ticket sales and concessionaire.
  3.      Production houses: Allows movie dubs to be used at theatres anywhere making it more cost effective. Breaks the language barrier allowing each movie language to have a pan world reach.

Cinedubs is developed in-house by an Indian company – Dubswork Mobile Pvt. Ltd. and the founders are Vineet Kashyap who is a seasoned technocrat since 2002, has led software development and product management in HCL, Newgen Software, Wirkle INC, Aricent (Altran) and Frog; and Aditya Kashyap who comes with 27+ years of leadership experience in industries like aviation, healthcare, information technology and ITES. You can get more details on Cinedubs at