CallPay Launches Unique App in India to Revolutionise Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement

CallPay integrates phone calls and digital media to provide brands with extended reach and personalised engagement in a cost-effective manner


Mumbai : Shaji Thomas, founder of CallPay, has announced the official release of his ground-breaking app in India. The app combines digital marketing with phone calls to create a novel, cost-effective media platform that allows marketers to communicate with their intended demographic in a more personal and immediate way. CallPay is a game-changing innovation that promises to revolutionise the way companies interact with their customers in today’s digital-first world.

Digitalization is being quickly adopted by traditional channels, highlighting the importance of digital marketing in modern approaches. CallPay takes advantage of this change by presenting an original business model that makes use of the power of telephone conversations and digital media.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, CallPay founder Shaji Thomas stated, “We are happy to announce CallPay, a game-changing platform that bridges the gap between digital marketing and human connection. CallPay allows businesses to have meaningful discussions with customers at a time when consumers’ attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter.

Several key aspects of conventional advertising are challenged by CallPay, ushering in a new age of pinpoint accuracy and efficacy. CallPay, in contrast to more conventional advertising mediums, guarantees that commercials will be seen many times during a 24-hour period. CallPay’s user authentication through email ids, phone numbers, and UPI ids guarantees accurate statistics and trustworthy interaction, whereas competing systems may depend on unconfirmed data. CallPay uses a push strategy to send creatives to consumers’ phone displays, rather than the traditional pull technique used in digital media.

In addition, adverts appear prominently on users’ screens while they converse, giving marketers more chances to interact with them. Marketers may increase their return on investment (ROI) by using CallPay to target certain demographics based on age, gender, region, and income. CallPay’s pin code filtering enables hyperlocal branding capabilities that allow marketers to connect with local audiences in ways that were previously impossible. In addition, CallPay takes a novel tack towards monetising its user base by offering incentives to those who show advertisements on their devices.

The potential for direct consumer contact is enormous, considering that India has more than 750 million smartphone users. CallPay’s long-term goal is to become the de facto hub for artificial intelligence-enabled marketing campaigns, therefore allowing businesses to use each consumer’s smartphone as a direct line of customised connection.

As Thomas puts it, “CallPay’s innovative approach to digital marketing promises to usher brands into the next generation of consumer engagement,” which has not happened before and “can revolutionise the digital marketing space, that too in a cost-effective, verified, and no junk userbase way.”

About CallPay

CallPay is a revolutionary digital marketing platform that integrates phone calls and digital media to provide brands with extended reach and personalised engagement. With a focus on precision targeting, user monetisation, and innovative ad display methods, CallPay aims to reshape the landscape of digital marketing, bringing brands closer to their customers in the age of digitalisation. To learn more, please visit