BJP Veteran Expresses Discontent over Amreli Lok Sabha Candidate Selection

Naran Kachhadia, who served three consecutive terms as BJP MP from Amreli, expressed dismay at the party's decision to field Bharatbhai Manubhai Sutariya


AMRELI, GUJARAT : The political landscape in Amreli witnessed a significant upheaval as Naranbhai Kachhadia, the incumbent Lok Sabha MP, voiced his dissatisfaction over the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) choice of candidate for the 2024 General Elections. Kachhadia, who served three consecutive terms as MP from Amreli, expressed dismay at the party’s decision to field Bharatbhai Manubhai Sutariya for the coveted seat, alleging that the chosen candidate lacked the ability to even express gratitude.

Speaking at a BJP program, Kachhadia minced no words in criticizing the party’s selection process, asserting that the decision had betrayed the trust of the 23 lakh population and 17.5 lakh voters of Amreli. He underscored the presence of several formidable contenders within the BJP ranks, including Dilip Sanghani, Mukesh Sanghani, Dr. Kanabar, Hiren Hirpara, and Keshubhai Nakrani, questioning the rationale behind Sutariya’s nomination.

Furthermore, Kachhadia lambasted the BJP’s policy of accommodating opposition members, condemning the rapid elevation of newcomers within the party hierarchy. He voiced concerns over the sidelining of dedicated BJP workers in favor of recent entrants, emphasizing the importance of honoring seniority and loyalty within the organization.

Highlighting the decline in voter turnout and worker morale, Kachhadia attributed the shortfall of 1.5 lakh votes in the Amreli Lok Sabha constituency to growing disillusionment among party workers. He reminisced about the party’s landslide victory in 2019, despite facing a dearth of local administrative support, attributing the success to grassroots mobilization and unwavering dedication.

Addressing BJP workers, Kachhadia reassured them of his unwavering support and pledged to uphold their interests irrespective of the circumstances. While expressing disappointment over recent developments, he stressed the imperative of maintaining unity and cohesion within the party ranks. He cautioned against resorting to intimidation tactics, urging leaders to nurture and empower BJP workers instead of alienating them.

The discord within the Amreli BJP came to a head with the selection of Bharat Sutaria over Naran Kachhadia, sparking physical altercations among party members. However, the BJP leadership swiftly moved to contain the fallout, orchestrating a reconciliation effort to reunite factional leaders under a common banner.