Autism can be treated using homoeopathy: Dr. Girish Tathed

One in every hundred Indian children is diagnosed with autism, a number that has increased by 178% in the last two decades

Pune :  There are thousands of youngsters in India who suffer from autism, a condition of the brain. One in every hundred Indian children is diagnosed with autism, a number that has increased by 178% in the last two decades. Because autism is shockingly common, discussions about it are rarely covered in the media.

Doctor of homoeopathy Girish Tathed of Pune saw this, so he started working with journalists to spread the word about autism and homoeopathy. Dr. Tathed spoke with the press on the challenges autistic children in India experience in society. Their low self-esteem is a direct result of the social rejection and prejudice they routinely face. They are unable to receive a regular education due to issues with communicating, attention, and focus, which can have a negative effect on their mental health and lead to diseases like clinical depression and chronic anxiety.

Dr. Tathed spoke about homoeopathy as a possible treatment for autism and the necessity of recognising its signs early on. Many autistic children are now living healthy, normal lives thanks to his homoeopathic innovations and therapies, which he generously shared with the world. After years of experience, Dr. Tathed has shown that homoeopathy can help autistic children’s cognitive and behavioural skills. Using personal tales, he dispelled myths regarding the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine.

Dr. Tathed thinks homoeopathy is the ideal treatment for children with autism because it offers both short-term and long-term remedies that prioritise the child’s overall health. Homeopathy treats the emotional difficulties that often accompany autism, helping children in a variety of ways, including with their communication and cognitive development. This method ensures that families with autistic children can lead happy, stress-free lives without judgement.

He argues, “Not many parents are aware about treatments like homoeopathy that can help their kids lead normal, happy lives,” highlighting the need to increase public awareness of homoeopathic options. Homeopathy is able to permanently change autistic children because it combines conventional medicine with cutting-edge scientific research into the causes of the condition in the brain. Homeopathic remedies are perfect for treating a frequent problem in children because they are all natural and have no negative side effects. As a practitioner of homoeopathy, it is one of my goals to communicate the power of this approach and the miracles it can perform to my patients.