Parsh Technologies organizes event to raise awareness on web 3.0 space in Rajkot


Rajkot : Parsh Technologies organised a fantastic event in Rajkot, Gujarat, to promote understanding of the web 3.0 sphere. Ravi Vaishnav, CEO & Founder, presided over and directed the live event, which was for the company’s newest venture, Citizen of Metaland. A Modern Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (Modern MMORPG) with a monetization model that prioritises the players and keeps them on their virtual toes.

Attendees were employees and metaverse fans interested in learning more about the future of the profession and the wonder of adjusting to the web3 era. Ravi Vaishnav discussed the fundamentals of creating and maintaining a metaverse, including Web1, Web2, and Web3.

There were also some very helpful hints about blockchain technology, the metaverse, virtual currencies, non-fungible tokens, and metaverse gaming. Each employee was also given a road map that detailed the company’s history, successes, and projected direction.

The audience was encouraged to participate and feel engaged through a Q&A session at the end. Aware of their place in the web’s evolutionary trajectory, all participants left with an understanding of why it’s time for India to move into the web 3.0 era.

The launch of Citizen of Metaland and the CoM coin is imminent, and the development team has already hinted at other live events happening this year if viewers don’t keep an eye on the website and their social media accounts.