ATGL hosts Greenmosphere for LiFE competition for students with CERC

ATGL’s ‘Greenmosphere for LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) program was aimed to make students recognize the need for keeping their environment green.


Ahmedabad : In today’s world, it is critical for youngsters to grasp the importance of being green and to recognise clever, easy, and sustainable methods to do so. An inter-school competition called ‘Greenmosphere for LiFE’ was organised to raise awareness among young pupils about different green projects. Adani Total Gas Ltd (ATGL) and CERC collaborated to organise the event.

Students from nearly 30 schools actively participated in this session, which was conducted on April 21 and 22 at the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA, Ahmedabad). Awards were also given to children who engaged in a variety of engaging activities towards the conclusion of the programme. Suresh P Mangalani, CEO of Adani Total Gas Ltd, Pranab Kumar Ghosh, vice president of (EHS) ATGL, and Uday Mevani, CEO of CERC, were among those in attendance.

The program’s goal was to educate youngsters about our environment and how to care for it. The inter-school competition saw children from grades 6 through 9 offer some excellent ideas on different themes related to environmental conservation, which captivated the audience.

Suresh Manglani, CEO of ATGL, educated the students about environmental protection via an instructive quiz round. “With climate change becoming one of our primary concerns, we must embrace the principle of a low-carbon society,” he stated. We are teaching around 3,500 youngsters via ‘Greenmosphere,’ which I hope will help to spread the message and promote much-needed environmental consciousness.”

Students presented their creativity through interesting concept-based designs such as saving energy- saving water, sustainable food, adopting a healthy lifestyle, reducing single-use plastic, reducing e-waste, et al.

Pranab Kumar Ghosh, vice president (EHS), ATGL, said, “It was heartwarming to witness the level of enthusiasm, dedication, and creativity of every student, teacher, and the school management for ‘Greenmosphere.’”

The students also took part in activities such as solo and group dance, skits, poetry recitals, monologue poster making, and much more. There were 13 categories, and, in each category, there were three award winners, and certificates were given to all contestants.

Loria Patel, a student from Anand Niketan Satellite, who received the maximum awards says, “The “Greenmosphere for LiFE” workshop encourages us to look at things from a different perspective. I am very happy and grateful to be a participant in such an event.”

It was interesting to see that the students were already supporting ‘Greenmosphere’ and are encouraging people around them to adopt a green lifestyle.

Kalpana Patnaik, the chief coordinator of the Little Flower School, said, “Our school is proud to win in nine categories. The campaign for environmental protection was very innovative and exciting. We are grateful for being a part of such platforms.”

ATGL has been vocal about adopting a low-carbon society and planting more trees, adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, conserving energy and water, and spreading awareness among students who are the pioneers of the green connect.