Astha Kiran Elevates Indian Handlooms

Astha Kiran's Aesthetics Boutique grew to prominence because to her relentless commitment and obsession with quality.


New Delhi : Astha Kiran, founder of the innovative Aesthetics Boutique, and a renowned figure in the international design community, has made a name for herself by promoting Indian handloom and textiles. Astha Kiran rose from a humble beginning to become a successful fashion entrepreneur because to her unwavering dedication to her art and confidence in her own abilities.

Hailing from Patna, Bihar, Astha Kiran’s journey began with a profound passion for fashion and a desire to create a lasting impact. Armed with an M.Sc. in Fashion Tech from Himalayan University, she ventured into the fashion industry with Aesthetics Boutique in Ranchi in 2003. At the time, the concept of boutique culture was not widely prevalent in the city, but Astha’s exceptional designing skills and relentless determination helped her carve a niche for herself.

Astha Kiran’s Aesthetics Boutique grew to prominence because to her relentless commitment and obsession with quality. Her outstanding abilities in the fashion industry were recognised with a slew of accolades. A franchise of her brand has been established in the United States, further attesting to her worldwide influence.

Astha credits not just her own hard work and perseverance, but also the everlasting support of her loved ones, for her success. Mr. Ranjit Ranjan, her husband, and their 17-year-old son have been rock-solid supports. She also gives credit to her grandma and dad for helping pave the way for her achievement.

Astha Kiran is a dreamer who sees a future where successful women business owners are rewarded for their hard work and skill with limitless possibilities. She is a firm believer in democratising self-employment as a means of promoting long-term economic viability.

She is now the chairperson of the Fjcci women entrepreneurs sub committee and a professor of fashion design at Ranchi University Ranchi. She has dedicated her life to advancing the status of women and now serves as president of the Madhawi shyam educational trust. Astha’s lofty goal is to bring back long-lost traditional art forms and take handloom to new heights. The tribal dress of Jharkhand, namely the PANCHI and PARHAN, is the subject of her current research. She is also showing Sohrai paintings, Jadupetia paintings, and Chau Artwork on Kucchai Silk, another ancient medium.

The words of successful businesswoman Astha Kiran, “For success in life, it is important to work hard consistently and be open to opportunities that come your way,” ring true. In my opinion, failure is the bedrock upon which success is built.

The story of Astha Kiran’s life is a monument to the strength of will, the value of imagination, and the limitless potential of those who pursue their dreams. Both seasoned veterans and up-and-coming designers draw inspiration from her groundbreaking work in the fashion industry, notably her advocacy for Indian handloom and textiles.

About Astha Kiran:

Astha Kiran is a renowned fashion entrepreneur and a distinguished member of the world designing forum. She is the visionary founder of Aesthetics Boutique, a brand that has redefined the fashion landscape by integrating Indian handloom and textiles into contemporary designs. With an impressive career spanning decades, Astha Kiran’s journey is marked by unwavering determination, artistic brilliance, and a commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs.