Arya’s Sarpatta Parambarai’s sequel Sarpatta Round 2 to roll soon

The announcement was met with praise from Jatin Sethi

Mumbai : Arya and PA Ranjith have teamed up with Jatin Sethi. They’ve decided to collaborate on the production of the sequel to Sarpatta Parambarai. The sequel, titled Sarpatta Round 2, would star Arya once again in the role of Kabilan Munirathnam.

The announcement was met with praise from Jatin Sethi, who declared, “I was blown away by Sarpatta Parambarai. It is also unusual for a digital film to have a sequel that is shown in theatres. I mean, why not? The second installment of Sarpatta deserves to be seen on the big screen.

The responses I got for Sarpatta Parambarai were astounding,” PA Ranjith stated. The series’s loyal audience is in for a real treat when the sequel hits theatres, I’m sure.

Sarpatta Parambarai is a watershed moment in my career,” Arya beamed. Viewers from all across the world showered me with their support and affection. I’m excited to watch the audience response to the sequel in theatres.

Arya’s lead role in the Tamil period sports movie Sarpatta Parambarai was a huge draw for Amazon Prime India subscribers in 2021. The production crew is now prepared to start developing the sequel. Even more unusually, the sequel will be shown in theatres rather than just online.

The second installment of Sarpatta will begin screening soon. It won’t be long before the rest of the cast is revealed.