Adani Utthan Summer Camp Energizes 1500 Children in Surat District

Apart from keeping youngsters occupied throughout their holiday, the Adani Utthan Summer Camp gave the primary school students with useful life skills and a sense of accomplishment.


SURAT, GUJARAT: The Adani Foundation’s Utthan Project engaged approximately 1500 youngsters spread over 25 government schools during its summer camp that concluded in Surat district on Friday.  This program seeks to foster children’s latent abilities and build critical skills while keeping them linked with education over their holidays.

Part of the Adani Foundation’s Upliftment Project, the summer camps were carefully planned six days before the vacation began and six days before the schools reopened. This schedule guarantees constant participation with instructional activities, therefore facilitating children’s seamless transition between school years.

Held in primary schools in Hazira, Olpad talukas of Choryasi Taluka, and the Umarpada tribal area, the camps concentrated on releasing the children’s dormant powers. The initiative sought to inspire scientific thought, artistic and manual abilities, curiosity, and unity, mutual cooperation, and harmony.

One of the special features of the camp was the focus on making practical objects out of sometimes regarded rubbish. Children were able to see the possibilities in trash items and transform them into useful objects thanks to this “best out of waste” perspective. Making bird feeders, boats from recycled materials, periscopes, masks, tire Ninja obstacles, paper spinners, and bridges from trash straws comprised the activities. Children involved in worldwide map atlas projects and other activities meant to inspire their imagination and creativity also

The pupils actively participated in these practical tasks under the direction of child development assistants. The program culminated in a great display highlighting the children’s produced models and crafts. Attending the show were parents, students, members of the School Management Committee (SMC), and officials from the education department who expressed appreciation for the efforts of the youngsters and the general influence of the camp.

Senior Adani Foundation official Vipul Shah noted the success of the camps and said, “Our aim is to give a platform where youngsters may discover and develop their inherent skills while staying linked to school. The children’ energy and inventiveness have really been inspirational.

Apart from keeping youngsters occupied throughout their holiday, the Adani Utthan Summer Camp gave them useful life skills and a sense of accomplishment. Emphasizing the need of optimizing waste, the program helped youngsters develop their inventiveness and resourcefulness, therefore arming them for upcoming problems.