A festive platform for enterprising Kutchi women artisans

With an aim to enable Kutchi women artisans a 3-day exhibition was organized that saw an array of colourful handicrafts and artifacts.


Festivals are all about sprucing up every corner of your home and what is better than handmade handicrafts and artifacts? To mark the joyous occasion of Uttarayan/Makar Sankranti, a 3-day exhibition was organized by the Adani Foundation where women artisans representing various self-help groups from Mundra, Kutch (Gujarat), showcased their creative zeal and entrepreneurial spirit.

The event took place at the Adani Corporate House, Ahmedabad, and was open for all employees from January 11 – 13. Like every kite that soars high during Uttarayan becomes a matter of pride for the kite flyer, similarly, every women artisan’s pride and passion soared high as the footfalls kept pouring in during the event. The exhibition housed an alluring collection of dazzling jewellery, sarees, and bandhani stoles to mirror work-based traditional wall hangings and much more. On the inaugural day of the event, Dr. Priti G. Adani, Chairperson of the Adani Foundation, and Shilin R. Adani, Trustee of the Adani Foundation, congratulated and interacted with the women entrepreneurs.

Meghna Ahir, 28, president of the Tejaswi Saheli Swa Sahay Juth, a Mundra-based self-help group who was present at the event with her 1 ½-year-old daughter, seamlessly managed her stall. “Certainly, managing home, work orders, and my daughter can often get taxing, but platforms like these make it totally worth every hardship. In 2019, when things started going downward spiral in my life, the Adani Foundation became my beacon of hope and helped me to follow my passion and turn it into a thriving source of income,” she shares. Her stall had a vibrant collection of cotton sarees, bandhani stoles, shawls, and sling bags. The young mom’s family has also been equally supportive.

Vasant Gadhavi, executive director, of the Adani Foundation, says, “To see the women artisans from Kutch, Gujarat, at the Adani Corporate House is symbolic of how far they have come with their hard work and determination. Their handcrafted products have made our Uttarayan celebrations even more colourful and meaningful.”

38-year-old Smita Maheshbhai, president of the Kutch-based self-help group, Umang Saheli Swa Sahay Juth, has overcome many life-altering challenges to be a part of this event. From working as a housemaid for a meager sum to now being an entrepreneur, Smita feels her journey has just begun. “When I see people appreciating the handicrafts and home décor items that I and my team have made, it gives us the motivation to push our boundaries. As a women entrepreneur it’s important to keep on upskilling and the Adani Skill Development Centre and the Adani Foundation have always helped many women entrepreneurs like me to acquire new skills and live their passion,” she adds.

Each skillfully handcrafted product, displayed at the event bespoke about the unmatched passion, grit, and perseverance of every woman entrepreneur who’s pushed her limits to follow her dreams.