Yashpal Sharma’s Chhipkali film teaser released at NSD

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the film's trailer ever since the teaser


New Delhi : Actor Yashpal Sharma is receiving a lot of praise these days. The National Award for best actor was just recently bestowed upon him. Yashpal Sharma’s “Chhipkali” Hindi film will premiere this year. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the film’s trailer ever since the teaser, in which the actor’s commanding on-screen presence was revealed. The Chhipkali trailer has finally arrived. Tuesday saw the debut of the Chhipkali trailer at NSD,Delhi. Presenters Swarnadeep Vishwakarma and Meemo from Sarvesh Kashyaph, as well as actors Yashpal Sharma and Yogesh Bhardwaj, actress Tannistha Biswas, director Kaushik Kar, and producer Meemo were there.

TRAILER LINK: https://youtu.be/ri4zHraMZ44

The trailer of Yashpal Sharma, Yogesh Bhardwaj and Tannishtha Viswas’s film Chhipkali is tremendous.Yashpal as Alok Chaturvedi and Yogesh are seen in fine performances as Detective Rudraksh. The trailer of Chhipkali is a complete dose of suspense. In this, you will get to see a lot of action, drama and philosophical thrill. The trailer begins with a dialogue between Alok Chaturvedi and the detector. The actor says that there is a third person around us always watching our activities, to see which one should have a subtle perspective, the same detector says that Rudra ke aksh hai mere. Chhipkali is directed by Kaushik Kar. The film will be released simultaneously across the country on 7th April.

In his address at the trailer launch, Yashpal Sharma said that Chhipkali is my best film so far. You are going to be thrilled to see this film with a great story, a different kind of script. Producer Meemo said that this film has been made with great love. A philosophical drama film that every Indian will love. Producer Sarvesh Kashyaph said watching this film you can feel the change in Indian cinema. The film is a mix of great story, great cast and wonderful director.

Yogesh Bhardwaj, Tannishtha Biswas and director Kaushik Kar also expressed their views. Chhipkali is presented by Studiographe Entertainments and produced by Suan Silver Screen. Meemo and Sarvesh Kashyaph are the producers and Kaushik Kar is the director of film, Yashpal Sharma, Yogesh Bhardwaj and Tannisttha Biswas are in the lead roles, DOP Saurabh Banerjee and Business Head Prasoon Bakshi.